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Do compost worms migrate in winter?

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NO, I’M NOT suggesting they somehow take flight for the North African coast – though if they did that might explain why so many birds buzz off there when our winter arrives…
But every year around the same time, something amazing happens in my two ‘Dalek’ compost bins.
Charles Darwin reckoned that worms are some of the most important creatures on the…

Smart Soil

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SMARTSOIL LTD is the UK distributor for Joraform of Sweden who make the superbly designed rotating heat-generating and insulated composters for convenient and simple use all the year round. Enjoy turning your kitchen waste into nutritious compost.
Tel: 01639 701 888
Fax: 01639 700 123
SmartSoil Ltd.
Sarn Helen
Camnant Road
Neath SA10 9LT

Best 4 Garden

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A Must for any garden with lawn or gravels
Reduce the lawn edge maintenance time by 50, 60 and even 75% of the time it takes Protect trees planted in lawns.

save hundreds of hours with the secret that pay for itself and barely visible ,
No injury risk like metal, will not rot like wood.
Dont stay…

Make your own compost bins

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Kris and Michelle offer two ways to get you ready for autumn composting
Quick Tip
Instead of pricey activators, use seaweed feed or animal manure to get the rotting process under way
Make a pallet composter in six simple steps

1) Choosing an out-of-the-way spot, clear away plant material and other debris and level the ground. You may need to fork over the soil,…

The Natural Gardener

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Nature wastes nothing, we should have learn from that wise old lady earlier ! Our goods come from the soil, and will return to it, after journey beginning with fair free trade and ending with wonderful natural growth in your garden.
Garden naturally – peat, chemicals and plastic free.
Call: 01568 611729

Buzz Organics

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 Buzz Organics® supplies a wide range of gardening products including ‘green’ pest controls, insect traps and lures, natural pollinators, DVDs, humates, soil conditioners, soil testing, cloches, tunnels, and much more.
Contact: 08450 509409