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Fruit and Vegetables

Thinning pot-grown carrot seedlings

Link to Thinning pot-grown carrot seedlings

IF YOU live in an area where carrot fly is a problem, as I do, you’ll find raising carrots in containers a lot easier than growing them in the open soil. Carrot flies lay eggs in the soil near carrot seedings, and the maggots that hatch out of them burrow into the carrot root, making it inedible. It is possible…


Link to Plants4Presents

Plants4Presents specialize in plants as gifts and have a huge range of beautiful flowering plants, herbs and citrus trees available for next day delivery.
Order online at
call 01825 721162 / 0845 226 8026 to speak to one of our plants team.

Feel Good UK

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Feel Good UK
The Feel Good UK Polytunnel range is now fully galvanised, our polytunnels are made for home use as well as allotment use. We also sell polytunnel covers and anchor ground kits. Our sizes start from 1.4m upwards to 20ft / 6m.
 Tel: 01162 600 070

Welsh Fruit Stocks

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Welsh Fruit Stocks, Bryngwyn, Kington, Powys. HR5 3QZ
Tel: 01497 851209

Mainframe Direct

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MainFrameDirect (MFD Limited)
DIY netting, wire mesh, polythene and fleece support.
Fruit/vegetable cages, pet/chicken runs, pond covers and cold frames.
Change structures with the seasons.
Uses aluminium poles and polypropylene connectors, which neither rust nor rot.
01985 840050

First Tunnels

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For 20 years we’ve been leading the way whether it’s product innovation, great prices, fantastic service, or by getting the country’s top gardening and food experts to help us develop the polytunnels they chose to use themselves. We’re a close-knit bunch of skilled professionals who take an enormous pride in the quality and versatility of our products. But we are…