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Gardeners like to keep up appearances!

Britain is a nation of Hyacinth Buckets with over half the population frowning on neighbours with an overgrown garden.

A neat garden is likely to impress the neighbours

Litter, dead lawns, out-of-control hedges and kids’ toys strewn about raise the blood pressure of those who like to keep up appearances.

Over 2,390 UK homeowners were quizzed by

Researchers found that 55 per cent of respondents judged their neighbours by the state of their garden.

Residents frowned on locals with a dead lawn – even though for 20million people in hosepipe ban areas, brown turf may be unavoidable.

But Toby Buckland, the TV gardener and ambassador for Rated People, put a positive spin on the survey.

Toby said he “was pleased to see how much emphasis Brits place on a well-maintained garden”.

When they’re not nosing over the fence, it was found that homeowners were frustrated that the pace of life left too little time to garden.

A third complained they don’t have enough time to look after their garden while a quarter said there weren’t enough hours to relax on their plots.

Due to lack of time, 18 per cent of people said they leave garden maintenance until it became a necessity, while seven per cent admitted that they’d like to turn their front garden into a parking space.


1. Litter

2. Overgrown garden

3. Broken garden furniture

4. Overgrown hedges

5. A dead lawn

6. Half-finished decking or paving

7. Completely paving a garden

8. Children’s toys permanently left out

9. Astroturf rather than a real lawn

10. Mock Grecian statues

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