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Michelle’s blog: Singing in the Rain


At the moment my things-to-do list in the garden gets longer by the day, The weather is certainly not helping. Before the rain set in on Sunday I went out for a few hours to tackle as many jobs has I possibly could.

I grabbed my iPod and set out for the garden, whilst listening to some Eminem (my weeding and tidying up music). I have different music for the different tasks in my garden and certainly depending on my mood when I am out there! Then I began to wonder what my fellow gardeners listen to, if anything. Do let me know. Radio 4 is on whilst sowing, and Olly Murs gets a listen whilst digging. My hip hop moments are for my veg patch.

I also managed to pot on my dahlia cuttings, which I took in February. All are looking healthy and happy. I do love propagating; the successes always make up for the failures.

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