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VIDEO: Summer tomato care – quick tips

Amateur Gardening news editor Marc Rosenberg shares some quick tips on caring for greenhouse tomatoes in mid-summer


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    Tim asks the question. We give our answers. You decide who’s right….
    How do you grow greenhouse tomatoes?
    Kris: grow bags and other containers
    Michelle: Open soil in a greenhouse border.
    For their full answers see Amateur Gardening  14 April p11
    Visit Greenhouse Sensation to find out more about the Quadgrow system Kris is using to grow Beefsteak tomatoes

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    REMOVAL OF larger branches is best done in winter, but to encourage a bushy habit and increase branching lower down, new growths should now have their tips removed as they reach 4-6in (10-15cm) in length

    Watering and feeding
    WATER PLANTS at least…

  3. moody3
  4. Michelle’s blog: greenhouse care

    This weekend, in my spare time (never seems a lot)! I concentrated on my greenhouse. I always do an autumn clean up but find I am more thorough doing it in January.

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  • John Saunders says:
    10:33 PM on 10th July 2012


  • J Freeman says:
    3:19 PM on 11th July 2012

    Possibly the most useless video in the history ov the internet

  • G Wallace says:
    5:41 PM on 17th July 2012

    Learnt nowt from this; amateur video with useless presenter , expect much better from amateur Garden standards are falling

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