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Brown stink bug

Brown stink bugs pose a threat to the UK

The brown marmorated stink bug has infested large swathes of America, with further outbreaks reported in Italy and France. Authorities fear the bugs, which emit a stink of rotting rubbish…

Autumn leaves

Rotting leaves can pose a health risk, say medics

Doctors have warned that people with asthma or weak immune systems could be at risk from aspergillosis – a fungus found in compost heaps and rotting leaves. Medics are advising…

Clematis Astra Nova

New for 2015: Clematis ‘Astra Nova’

It has semi-double, violet-purple flowers with white stripes. The nursery’s owners first saw the bloom when visiting clematis-breeding friends in Holland. ‘Astra Nova’ is part of the viticella group. Flowering…

Allotments make perfect habitats for bees

Allotments are the best habitat for bees

Allotments offer the best habitats for bees, according to the results of the first Great British Bee Count. But parks and roadside verges need improving to make them more bee-friendly,…