The BBC is chewing over ideas for new TV gardening shows and is on the lookout for talent to nurture into future stars.

Could you be the BBC’s next TV star?

TV chiefs are keen to conjure up formats that will claw back gardening audiences which have been in decline since Ground Force, which attracted 12million viewers, was axed from schedules.

Beeb officials held a meeting with garden body the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) last month to brainstorm new ideas. It was led by Nick Patten, head of features and documentaries at BBC Birmingham.

Nick, a former executive producer, has been responsible for much of the BBC’s gardening output in recent years, including Gardeners’ World, Christine’s Garden and BBC Gardener of the Year.

According to the HTA, the BBC recognised that Gardeners’ World is aimed at older viewers and that there may be opportunities for new programmes that would “reverse the decline in viewing figures for gardening TV”.

It was revealed that the BBC is looking for personalities who have good gardening knowledge and charisma and would make good presenters.

HTA director-general David Gwyther said: “On one hand, there is an increase in interest in gardening, but on the other, a decline in viewing and readership figures in the media.”

The BBC appeared to be keen to target younger gardeners who spend time and money in garden centres in areas such as grow-your-own and green gardening. However, these people rarely watch garden programmes on the box.

  • mrosenberg

    Although the BBC indicated it will be looking for future talent, I am not aware of any advertised presenting vacancies at present. Anyone looking to work for the BBC should visit the BBC website, click on ‘jobs’ and then ‘current vacancies’. Or look at the closing credits on gardening programmes, and write to the producers directly.

  • Colin Copeland

    any idea of who I can contact about this? 32, organic gardener, here. BBC HR knows nothing about this…

  • Colin Copeland

    Any idea of who I can contact about this? Contaxted the BBC and they know nothing about it!


  • Scott

    Just wondering who is the point of contact for seeking out the new talent, and how best to contact them. Thanks