Gardeners’ World presenter Carol Klein will present a six-part BBC2 series in January.

TV gardener Carol Klein

Carol’s Year at Glebe Cottage has been filming since January and will be complete in December.

She said: “The series is about what happens in my garden over a year. You don’t have to have a garden like mine to identify with the programme.”

The programme will feature time-lapse sequences to show plants growing over the year.

But Channel 4 has pulled the plug on the second series of Matthew Wilson’s Landscape Man

It will not return to Channel 4 in spring, despite the second series being half way through filming.

Matthew said: “TV is a funny place. I’m developing other ideas.”

  • Wendy Ashworth

    Fleur is a Welsh Terrier or I’ll eat my gardening hat 🙂 !
    (Children used to say he was like ateddy bear.(
    Tan with a black or grizzle saddle easily confused with the Lakeland. Fifi is beautiful too. Well done everyone.

  • Wendy Ashworth

    Fleur is a Welsh Terrier or I’ll eat my hat. 🙂
    We had one for 15 years and everyone said he was just like a teddy bear.
    Well done for saving her and Fifi is beautiful too.

  • Dawn

    A brilliant series, well worth repeating, its a long time from Nov to March without TV gardening. Is the any thoughts about releasing it on DVD, hope so…
    Those cute little dogs are Lakeland Terriers.

  • Dawn

    This was a wonderful series, is it going to be put on DVD? (hope so), if not then at least treat us gardeners to a repeat the series, theres a long gap from oct/nov to march when the gardening progs start again, it is far better than some of the rubbish thats repeated.
    By the way, those cute little dogs are Lakeland Terriers, so sweet…ar

  • pauline fottles

    i love to be with carol in her garden it makes me want to get my hands dirty and get really stuck in with her

  • Phil Caldwell

    Love the show, please can you tell me the breed of dog Carol has on the programme. Thanks Phil

  • WFoster

    After following Carols wonderful program of a year in her garden,I have tried to find out were i can get the seeds or the plant (castor oil )Ricinus that she portrayed in her series,I use to grow these in Australia and know that they very toxic but would like to obtain the seed to start them off but been told that most garden centres no longer sell them. please can you help? thanks,

  • richard slack

    my wife and i loved carol’s cottage garden series so much we have decided to dig some of the lawn up,and what breed are the dogs loved them too.

  • mike

    A wonderful relaxing trip through the year in her garden. Her discriptions were as vibrant as the plants. The no frills way of achieving a great garden came through with all the tips on propergation,pruning etc. Good basic gardening at its best. Carol certainly doesnt mind getting her hands dirty and at one with nature, unlike alot of female presenters. Well done Carol,wish you would take over gardeners world, and show them what gardenings about,hope to see more of you on tv.

  • sheila love



  • Lyn Bidgood

    About time we saw more of Carol Klein, she’s been sidelined for far too long. Her programme in December was great, and her own garden series is off to a brilliant start.
    More grown up programmes like this please. Perhaps other gardening ‘shows’ could be on BBC 1 so that we all gain from quality progammes.

  • linda semple

    Just what was needed on this early, January evening in the Swiss Alps…Can`t wait for next week..Love the dogs too, what breed are they?