Do you know someone whose garden could benefit from a makeover from the Love Your Garden team?

ITV’s Love Your Garden is on the lookout for special people deserving of a full garden makeover by Alan Titchmarsh and the Love Your Garden team.

Love Your Garden host Alan Titchmarsh

Former Ground Force host Alan will makeover an entire garden for people who deserve a helping hand outdoors.

An ITV1 spokeswoman said: “It could be someone who has dedicated their lives to their families, their community or their country.

“If you or someone you know has a great story to tell and would benefit from Alan’s magic, please get in touch.”

If this sounds like you or someone you know then please follow the link below and apply. Applications will only be considered when supported with photographs of the family and their garden in it’s present state.

How to Apply

For more information on how to apply to Love Your Garden click here

The deadline for applications in 30th November 2014 with auditions taking place in Dec 2014 and Jan 2015.


  • Ria MacQueen

    Would love some help with out garden – we moved into our home 4 years ago and the house has taken priority. We’e cleared the jungle of brambles, weed trees and overgrown shrubs but it ti such an awkward shape on many different undefined levels that we cannot get any idea of how to develop it into both a producing and a restful area. We have about £1000 to spend – any ideas please?

  • Hi – My friend and work colleague is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She has had a mastectomy and reduction as she had rather large boobies! She has a reasonable size garden that her dad loved and cherished but is now unable to maintain. She is so disappointed that she is not able to keep it as she wants. She would love someone to help and advise her what to do with it to make it easy on the eye, a place to enjoy and look after. Many thanks Carolyn

  • Beverley Bristow

    We moved into our house just over a year ago we are trying to make it our home but we though if the garden is sorted out everything might follow. We are in a housing association house so.I am not sure what can be done. We would a nature garden where we can sit and listen to the sound of nsture and perhapsna small kitchen garden on the form of a growing wall. My mother is on her own a lot of the time as my brother works in the Barbour factory and I do voluntary work in our local nursery. We have a cat so if their could be some sort of cat play aria somewhere too thanks

  • Mary Ann

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  • pam skelton

    Desperate for a garden makeover. Its at a dementia care centre. They have just had cowboys in, spent £5,500 and all they got was some pressed down sand and clay for a patio and path. Its dangerous for the residents and so sad after all the fund raising weve done. My husband goes there and I am concerned about his saftey. If you know anyone who is doing makeovers….. please contact me.

  • Angie Harmon

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  • Angie Harmon

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  • just found this page and see I missed the deadline, wondered if you would reconsider. My new hubby moved into my family home with my late husband and with my boys and we did a huge extension on the house. Sadly the first set of builders took us on a scam for 50k and it cost us alot more to put it all right and our marriage. We are now in reconciliation after all the stress of money really upsets my Husband to see the garden the way it has been left cause it was my late husbands passion and love and we used to spend every weekend in the garden before he died. I would love you to come and look and put it right as I have only just gone out into the garden after 9yrs as it was too emotional for me, I wont lie its a big job but would love to get this one thing done for my new Husband to help heel things about the building work he had done. Regards Lucy

  • Kim Chapman

    hi there we have just spent 8 years restoring and rebuilding an old barn built originally in 1818 unfortunately the 3/4 acre garden looks like a scrap yard/building site please help us i think this is going to kill us ! please help we have some money left to contribute 🙂
    kim & john x tel 07909917793

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  • Henry Nancy

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  • Commenton Spell

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  • Jan McGregor

    My once beautiful garden is now an overgrown jungle – I haven’t been able to cope with it since my husband left last year and all but the youngest of my kids has moved away as I’m disabled and it spans best part of half an acre. Can’t afford to get someone in to sort it out or get our ride-on mower repaired as I’m now living on a tiny pension and benefits. Would really appreciate some help

  • angeline.

    Hi I’m a mum of 4 year old twins who were born extremely perm at 24 weeks, after a very long 6 months in hospital they came home. But as a results of this they both have cerebral palsy along with other medical conditions, one of my girls can walk but is very unsteady the other cannot walk without the aid if a fully supportive walker.
    It is extremely difficult for us to go out to the park like other children, but our garden is so uneven and not safe or suitable for out girls.
    We spent all our savings on making the house suitable for them that we now can’t afford to do the garden.
    Please please will you help us ?
    Or do you know someone who might ?
    Kind regards

  • louise loxton

    My mum as just had to be rehomed into a bungalow after spending 27year in her 4 bedroomed house she had to move as she started having problem with mobility getting up and down stairs was becoming very difficult for her and could no longer get into the bath so needed a wet room after undregoing a hip replacement at just 54yrs old her pain and mobility are no better so she is now on the waiting list for a knee replacement as she was once a gardening lover to becoming a depressed lady whos in lots of pain physicaly and mentally as she can no longer do what she once loved in and around the house and garden she asnt been able to do anything in her new garden and could really do with some help as its really getting her down and she cant settle and enjoy her new home as shes constantly worrying about the garden and what people are thinking about herlove and attentiln please help it would mean the wotld to her xx

  • lynn bradbury

    hi we would love you to come and do our garden, I work in a nursing home and our residents love it outside but our garden doesn’t look very appealing we would for you to come and have a go please xx

  • leanne

    Hey iv move it to my house last year and the garden was a right mess, me and my family have spent time tidy it all up as it was really bad when I moved in, and I have three children that want a gardon to be able to play and for it to be nice for family to come together, its just to much to do and its upsetting to see my kids cry because they want to be able to go outside and to be able to play in there garden its really depressing that I cant do it for them, the people how lived here befor just left it I dont know what to.

  • Tracy Kham

    Hi i have a garden its a garden what is boring and it needs a makeover my son is 7 and has a disability and my husband cant do nothing he is disabled it would be good if my son could play outside in the garden

  • heccles

    These little balls turn into a plated cone, like a pine tree and sends seeds into the air for sprouting new trees. They are not edible. Hope that helps..

  • Barbara Heathfield

    Please help me, I’m a mother of 5 and I have problems with my back, I would love to do my garden up but my body couldn’t do it. I am disabled and I’m on my own so limited funds as well. I just wish I had a lovely garden to admire everyday xx

  • Richard Wheels

    We so much need your help ,the person i wish to nominate is blind and recently had her legs removed ,even though she has the use of a wheelchair but she is trapped in room as the chair has not enough access to get out her out to the garden ,her quality of life is pretty poor ,but she enjoys the smell of cut flowers but alas they do not last long and she would prefer to smell flowers growing ,flat areas where she can be pushed in her wheelchair and shaded area because she has kidney failure and dehydrates very quickly in the sun,plants raised on a higher level would help as she can still feel with her hands but,, nothing sharp or prickly ,,,i know this is rather a tricky one dealing with so many disabilities ,but we are at a wits end ! her care workers push her outside her front door and leave there at her own request ,being a town house it does bring about a few odd looks ,Hope you can help .


    We love your help we have been unable to spend time on the garden has we both work full time plus I have spent the last 5 years looking after my elderly parents who sadly passed away with the horrible disease my husband has had A back operation and is unable to bent or dig for long periods he has lost family members to cancer we love spending time in our garden when we ain’t at work please could you help get our garden nice we have 5 grandkids who like playing outside

  • Maureen Yeats

    We would love your help with our large garden. We are both retired and unable to manage the garden, its pretty much a blank canvas and we would love to be able to sit out when the weather is nice and enjoy it. Any help you could give us would be a massive help.

  • annrobertson

    please can you help my daughter and her partner out, they have finally got a house big enough for them and their two children after waiting ten years. unfortunately on top of the full house needing done the garden is a mess, wouldn’t know where to start. they are both very hard working people and have been together for 20 years.please come and work your magic!

  • leah potts

    We have a hugh garden and since we moved in 3 years ago we just havent had the money to sort it out. The last people who lived here just left the garden in such a bad way we just cant seem to get it to look decent. Just dont.know what to do anymore.

  • Jenny

    I have several conifers in my back garden I have notice tiny tiny balls on the end of the branches on two particular conifers can you advise as to what they are ?

  • Kim Brown

    Hiya, we moved into our house in September and have spent that time doing it up while I was pregnant ! We now have a beautiful baby girl but no garden to play in 🙁 the garden is absolutely huge … We spent weeks clearing it and now are at a standstill as my partner works all the hours an I’m full time mummy on maternity at the moment . I do potter about with it when I can but I simply don’t have the time that I need to get stuck in ! The garden has been put into sections with railway sleepers however it Is just too big for my imagination and scares me how much it will all cost 🙁 please help!!! I can send pictures if needed 🙂

  • claire

    This is my first house after living with my parent’s, and it’s far too much for me with a 9 month old baby things are getting out of control. Iv tryed my hardest to tidy things up and make a start but no matter where I start it doesn’t make a difference.
    My partner works so doing it on my own is very difficult juggling it around my daughters needs. It’s getting me really down and depressed at the fact that we can’t have a nice garden, it woudl be nice to be able to let my daughter out there but the state it’s in I can’t do so.
    Please can you help.

  • lewis allen

    Just moved in to a new house and we just spent 8 grand doing the house up. And the garden has alot of pertenchal and my mum is crying all the time and is very depressed because of the state of the garden.

  • Michael James

    I am a disabled gentleman who would relish the opportunity to have a garden makeover. I had a serious car accident about 4 years ago and am now wheelchair bound and find it difficult to get about especially in the garden. I have a lovely Georgian house but would love a garden to go with it – and very wheelchair friendly.
    Michael James

  • Karen Gaskell

    Hi Alan, I attend a womens centre and now the centre has a allotment. We dont need help at the allotment we are learning as we go along with the help from other people who have thier own plots and we are greatful for there help. We do have a sea container that we would like to change into a tea/committee room for everyone to use but we have no funds to do this. Can you please help us as it would benifit all at the allotment and it would be away of saying thank you for thier help. Thank you,Karen from Stockport

  • Anne Stanway

    We love the show and would appreciate a makeover for our son He lost his last house because of the recession but has managed to buy a property which needed totally renovating He has done all the work himself but is now left with a garden that is nothing but earth and no ideas He’d love somewhere to relax after work his son to play Thankyou for taking time to read this -Anne in Leeds

  • maureen


  • maureen

    I am a widow and I have brought up 6 children aged 7 to 14 in my own…No time or cash for a gardener to help me even though I have tried…Now my arthritis stops me from hard work…My children have now produced grand and great grandchildren and there is no where for them to play or for me to relax…please help me Alan…I envy all the recipients of your make-overs…I want one too on my garden please…a million times PLEASE…Love you…Maureen xx

  • Anne Stanway

    Hello we love your programme and would love it if you could do something for my son’s garden He lost his last house with the recession and has managed to buy one that needed totally renovating He has done this entirely on his own but now the garden is not at all usable just mud and hes run out of money and ideas If you could help he only needs lawn for his son to play on and a shed Many Thanks

  • maureen

    i love your programme, especially this week’s make up of such a large garden…Please can you help me? I am a widow twice over…My first husband died some years ago leaving me to bring up 6 children aged 7 to 14…Now they have all flown the nest and produced grandchildren and even great grandchildren…I wish so much I had somewhere for them to play when they visited and a little corner for me to relax when they’ve gone…please can you help me Alan….Maureen xx

  • Alison Rogerson

    Mr Titmarsh, you have just reduce me to tears with the garden for Matt’s parent’s, wonderful and beautiful.
    We have a garden which hasn’t been anything, My husband built our own house 3 years ago and during the last 18 months we have had a little boy who was diagnosed with downs an hour before leaving the ward for home. My husband is trying to put every effort into completing the garden, but we have only a time with making most of time to give our children, it’s taken a while to over come the news but we would only like some ideas from you if you can please help us with just a design and layout for us to work to, my husband is very proud and hardworking can you help him achieve it for us and the children.
    kind regards

  • Jessica

    Hi, back in 1987 my father suffered from a brain hemorrage which was so deep it was inoperable, he was in a coma for 13 days. If that wasn’t bad enough in 1989 he then suffered another which left him struggling with his balance and vision, which then left him with double vision. His strength and determination enabled him to return to his career as a Police officer with the Greater Manchester police. One side of his body has always been weaker than the other however, you’d have never guessed. If this wasn’t enough for my Dad to go through on New Years Eve this year he then suffered from a stroke, which left his left side just as weak as his right. Recovering well my Dad also had a scare in late feburary however touch wood all is well now. I couldn’t tell you one person I know who is as strong as my Dad and been through what he has and yet still stands as a loving husband, father and grandfather. My Dad is one person who always puts others before himself yet will never dwell on his past and moan yet always looks towards the future. A hands on man himself our massive garden is his pride and joy, yet due to all the knock backs he has suffered he has to admit himself that he can’t keep on top of it like he used to. My amazing mother works full time and me and my brother try to help as much as we can but with two twin children himself and me going to University in September I just hoped this could be done for him, a little something for us all to put my Dad first for once and show our appreciation. If something as meaningful to him, such as our garden could put a smile on my Dads then I don’t think I could ask for much more not just for him, but for my mum too, something they can look out too and be proud of, just like me and my brother are of them.
    Thankyou, Jess.

  • Royce Longden

    Love the show alan. I would really love a garden make over. My garden is really small but Im unable to do it or keep it neat due to being disabled I cant bend to get down to the plants. My wife has a fear of worms and cant do it either. We have 5 grnadchildren who are here regularly as their dads are in the Army and they come here to stay with their mums and they cant go in the garden as its such a mess. Keep up the work Alan you have a great team with you. Thank you Royce from Plymouth

  • The Stewart Family

    Hi wehave been watching love your garden and wondered about a special edition love your garden- the big project. our garden is 5 acre country house garden in caithness scotland. we try our best although theres so much to do. there is so much oppurtinity for our garden although we dont have the time money or man power todo it please help!

  • dylan lewis

    hi my name is dylan and i would like to ask you to do my dads back garden a make over hes always watching ur show saying id love them to come and do my back garden , he has no time to do hes garden as he works all the tie very hard and he has 3 grand children hes a great grandad and a hard worker he really deserves a garden make over please could yoy help

  • Sue Harding

    I’d love to get Alan and/or his team to help my daughter ‘tame’ her garden! Since last September (2011) she’s had eye problems with the result that she now has virtually no sight in one eye – pretty tough for a 27-year old to come to terms with! Her garden is a jumble of botched hard landscaping left by a previous owner, and I’d like to get it safe for her to use as she can’t always judge distances and depths. She’d always planned to grow her own vegetables but the small higgledy-piggledy plots make it difficult for her. I try to help clearing but I have knee problems so I can’t do much before I have to stop. Please, can you help us to create a garden my daughter can enjoy, even if she can’t always see it!

  • becky linford

    dear alan i have 5 children my eldest child has leaukimia my husband has been trying for a while to do our garden, but he spends a lot off time in lgi leeds we a garage that needs putting up but we never get time and we would like a nice garden for the children thank you

  • Jan Meaney

    Hello,I wonder if you can give me some advice. I have tried hard over the years to create a decent garden but increasingly I am having problems with poor drainage. My plants are suffering, the grass is under water and I have been using the path as s small boating lake. I have tried everything I can think of to improve the drainage. I share my garden with quite a few of the local kids who pop in for a chat or advice if they have a problem. It is amazing how we have sorted things over a shrub tub or two. Any help would be gratefully received

  • Gemma Mulcock

    Hi Alan,we love the new show and the transformations are amazing. My family would be thrilled of your expertise and guidance. We have a large garden and just don’t know where to begin. I am on maternity leave and would love to be able to play with my 5 year old girl and baby boy during the summer holidays. Please can you help, looking forward to hearing from you Gemma from Swindon.

  • Denise Nero

    Hi Team,….Great show!
    We’ve lived here for 7 years. We’re so lucky to have parkland to the front of the house & a wildlife reserve at the back.
    We have an allotment garden that sits beyond our back garden & alongside the wildlife reserve.
    We’ve been overwhelmed by the project. We’re unsure of what to plant & how to create a plan with a budget that we can follow through.
    Expert knowledge & advice will turn a ‘wanna be allotment garden’ into a space that can be enjoyed by our families & neighbours.
    We’d love for you to help make our dream come true:)
    Denise & Ray in Morden.

  • Denise Nero

    Hello Team,
    Great show!
    We’ve lived here for 7 years. We’re so lucky to have parkland to the front of the house & a wildlife reserve at the back. We’re not overlooked & we love our surroundings. We fell in love the allotment garden that sits behind our house & alongside the wildlife reserve. However, the scale of the allotment project has overwhelmed us. Where not sure what to plant & how to create a plan with a budget that we can follow through.
    Expert knowledge & guidance could turn our ‘wanna be allotment garden’ into a haven that can be enjoyed by us & our neighbours, who we’d like to share the garden with.
    We hope you can make our dreams come true.
    Many thanks…Denise & Ray form Morden.

  • Sandra Jeffery

    I love gardening and watch all your program’s on TV. I have tried new ideas in my garden but they have not worked out.
    My wish is to have a garden I can spend time in by myself and with family.
    It would be an eye opener and a dream come true if you could plan and create the garden of my dreams.

  • Debbie Scott

    Hi there,brilliant programme and what a fantastic thing to do for the people on the show.I am not spectacular in any way.Just a single mum,who did suffer at the hands of a controlling partner.I have been used to living in quite big properties with large gardens one being next to a castle with a moat for my garden. It took along time to sell my last property but i now live happily with my two sons aged 12 and 9.My problem is the garden is in dire need of rescueing,it is water logged and there aren’t many plants or privacy.My budget is not vast but I really would appreciate some advice.Look forward to hearing from you.thankyou Debbie from Pontefract

  • Eileen Cook

    I have a small garden but it has manhole covers from rear neighbours at the back and I cannot work out how to plan my garden around them. As I live alone I would like some help or advice on how to either disguise them, I am not a needy case but would love some advice. Thank you x


    hi allan we love the show and watch it every week my husband and i would love a garden makeover we have a big garden and it takes up all our time it really does need a good sort out we need new path and hedges we have a chicken coup in the middle of our garden we love our animal but my husband has got cancer and its getting to be a big job for both of us these days please please help us many thanks gillian from manchester

  • Aman Khan

    hello Alan, I really love your show i would love a garden makeove. i have tried to get gardners in to do my garden up for me but they keep letting me down. i thave three small children a 3 year old and twins which are nearly two and i would like the garden to be safe for them to play in. all i want is the garden to be slabbed but cannt get anyone to do that. i work and when i come home i am too tired to take them out to the park, so at least if the garden was sfe for them to play in i would be quite happy.

    please, plese help.

    Aman Khan
    from Birmingham

  • Sue

    Hi love the show i would love a garden makeover,we live in my dads house since he died 4 years ago i have tried to keep on top of our large garden but i suffer with my back and have arthritis.i spend most of my spare time looking after my 3 grandchildren and i would love the garden to be safe for them to play in.

  • debbie jones

    Hi, i would love to nominate my mother for a garden makeover, she has been a keen gardener for over 20 years, her gardens have always been part of her life she even spent a lot of years in her Allotment and has spent a lot of time and money by joining gardening clubs, her garden came second place once in a competition, but as she has now reached retirment and has some health problems her body just wont let her do the thing she loves best, she cant bend down no more or lift heavy things and her garden has gone downhill very quickly, it now looks like it’s unloved and this upsets her so much, she likes to spend as much time as she can outdoors but the state of her garden just makes her depressed and she stays indoors.. please help…

  • rebecca thurman

    i would love a make garden make ovamy partner loves a garden but ad sum bad luck he was ill is self hes lost a brother which was only 37yrs is other brother fell and got brain damage so i would love to do this for him thankyou

  • mandy stanton


  • laura considine

    hi alan i would truely love a garden makeover from you and your amazing team , my garden is long its like a football pitch !!i have found it such a struggle to do my garden because of the size would be amazing if you could put your magic touch on it many thanks .

  • Jill

    I would like a garden makeover, I have lived in my house with my son and my partner for over four years now. I have made many attempts to make my garden nice. It keeps over growing and it terrible to maintain. As myself and my partner work full time it is hard to keep on top of my garden. I would like somewhere to relax with my family on a weekend and this is the reason for this e mail.

  • HappyNan

    How do you fancy tackling a garden that backs on to a river? We took on this bungalow 6 years ago and stripped the garden back to make it more easy to look after. After the first severe winter we discovered there were goldfish in a pond – we cleaned it out and they rewarded us the next summer with babies!! We have tried to put up temporary fencing at the end of the garden so our grandchildren and puppy/dog does not end up in the river, but the garden is in desperate need of imagination to make it a safe haven for the children and dog to play in and for everyone to enjoy.

  • margaret mellor

    my sister lost her partner seven years ago to cancer and at 73yrs can no longer do her garden please help

  • margaret mellor

    my sister lost her partner seven years ago
    and can no longer do her garden she is nearly 73yrs please help

  • margaret mellor

    my sister lost her partner seven years ago
    and at nearly 73yrs can not look after her garden please could you help

  • Sally leach

    Please please make my dream come true …… My husbands been in the armed forces for over 22 years , for the first time in our lives together we are moving to a new home in Leeds. I don’t know where to start really but the gardens to the front and rear are very overgrown with many bush’s and it’s in need of some Tlc. I am looking for something modern full of colour and texture, I love wood sleepers , stone circles , bark , and lighting to bring this garden back to life. My garden at the front has high bush,s I’m looking at changing this to put a car on and low shrubs , bush’s to let the light back into the house. I have a young daugher and I need an area for her and my English bull dog Marvin . I love to entertain family so I need somewhere to chillout . If you can make my dream come true please get in touch from a desperate ex army wife .

  • Bridget Fernandes

    I would like to have a garden makeover. I have a massive 60 year old pond in the middle of the garden. I have been fighting a battle for the last 3 years which has made it very difficult for me to do the garden. I would love to have a relaxing garden which would give me tremendous peace at this time of my life. Thank you for reading this.

  • mary

    hi alan i love the show and think i would love a little garden makeover just alittle tidy up around a fishpond some new fencing and the tops of ponds re doing plus filtterbox tidy up abit

  • mary

    hi alan i like your show and sit and think i would love a little garden make over all i want is some wood fenceing round a big fishpond and the fillterbox area loooking a bit better and the tops redoing over them just little tidying up has its seams to be falling to bits now thank you

  • Reece powell

    Hi I so need a garden makeover!! I’ve leaved In my house 3year now and my garden is In a right state I haven’t got a clue where to start!! I’m a single mother to my two kids. My little boy chase has learning difficulty and is partley sighted, I want this makeover for him really because I know that he would have a nice area to play. Please help!!!!

  • Bridget

    I would love a garden makeover. I am unable to do the gardening due to health reasons. A relaxing garden would be me treamendous peace at this time of my life as I have been battling for the last 3 years. Thank you for reading this.

  • mrs diane miller

    it would be the answer to my dreams to have a garden makeover. The garden is 21yrs old my husband and i threw ourselves into creating our little piece of england, not knowing too much about it but we loved learning as we went along then at 47yrold my husband died.
    Since then I have developed a catalogue of ailments which beats me in the stamina stakes. I dont want to give up my home n garden its my main interest ilove it but need help to create an easier enviroment to cope with before im too old to enjoy it.i see my garden as an ongoing project but this is getting bigger than me. I would be so grateful for help as would my hubby should he be able to see it. regards dee

  • mrs walker

    hi altho id love a garden makeover im not applying for me id love my daughter and grandaughter to ave a colourful bright safe garden as my grandaughter born with a rare condition nkh non ketolic hypertglasimia cannot do or say anyhing we think lights and colours stimulate her at the minute shes only 2 but soon she will need wheelchair access from patio doors a ramp and paving for the wheelchair has theres nothing in place yet theres no safe envioment for her to sit out or lay in the garden with toys also she has little boy perfectly healthy thank god who too could benifit from safe play area. income is very tight and id love to help her but unfortunately cant i would really love her and the children to benefit from alan and his team to give them the garden they so deserve

  • james mills

    Im 12 years old i need a makeover in are garden i have a dog and to little brothers and they always moan that they carnt play. I mainly want the makeover in the garden for a suprise for my mum. Thanks in you will help alsoo thanks for letting me try to talk you in helping please see us.

  • Catherine Coxon

    I have a garden that needs a make over -but – NEVER will the wonderful Mr Titmarsh put his foot on the estate I live in –Why?because it is on a council estate. my husband died 6 years ago before he died he tried to make the looking after the garden easy for me -unfortunately I now have arthritis and a little dog that has set his mind on totally ruining my attempts to keep the garden looking at the least tidy. But as I know Mr Titmarsh will look down on the person who lives on a common council estate . Cannot take you for serious Mr Titmarsh you do as you are told .

  • Mandyflynn

    Dear Alan my mum is amazing she is 73 and has spent her entire life helping everyone but herself. She has nursed my gran until she passed of cancer. The same year my dad had a heart attack and bypass surgery, and last year a passmaker and he also has copd a lung desease she cares for disabled lady and visits to elderly ladies to ensure they are ok. She worries about everyone butherself she loves her garden but it is tiny and i buy plants and we fill pots but she would love a pretty country garden look and i dont know where to start. My mum is ammazing she suffers with arthritus but never ever complsins she loves you and your show, you would make an adorable wonderful mum and gran very happy if you could help. Mandy

  • Lynsey Bryson

    My family & I would love a garden make over. We have recently just moved to a new house, which needed lots of work inside, which has left us with no extra money to tackle the garden. This is our first proper garden and would love an outside area for our family & friends to enjoy with us. My husband had a stroke 10 years ago, which left him partially sighted and dizzy, which makes him disorientated. My youngest daughter has Albinism and is also registered partially sighted. Our garden at the moment is overgrown and the patio area is very uneven, making it difficult for my husband and daughter to safely move around. I have tried my best to tackle the area but it just need so much work I really don’t know where to begin. Therefore we would really love your help. Thank you.

  • helen humphry

    hi my name is david my wife has had a diverse upbringing and has had a lot of knockbacks over the years. i sufferer from a sleeping disorder and have devoted my time to looking after the family financialy so i have no energy to garden. my wife has looked after the children with a debilitating back problem (1 slipped disc and 2 slipped ones) and still it does not stop her from achieving. she 4 years ago desided to go back to colledge and university. she has since then not only looked after the house and children but has just gained a degree in psychology. the last year she built a wall which took her all summer because of her back and is building another wall which also needs replacing this somer. she mixes cement on her knees by hand as she is not cappable of mixing it in the conventional way. i think she deserves a medal and a brake from the garden and to have the garden she has always wanted. she has told me her plans of finnishing the wall this year but will have to start on the ground work of the garden next year. she is an insperation to all around her and has never had a brake please give her a well earned surprise.

  • kelly watson

    when is the closing date? it sounds great and i would love to be a part of it

  • katrina mccallum

    hi all.well i think you will find tarzan,jane and cheetah in my garden,i have a garden with cob nut tress,plum and apple tree,and some other trees not too sure what they are,i have lotsa birds and other various animals wandering around,also have a large hole about 12×12 off my patio thats now full off old branches etc,it did used to have lovely fish,but i put too many plants in,alas you can imagine what happened,i,ve been here 21 yrs,my ex partner was into gardening,but ive had to work solidly to try and keep my home,i just dont have the money too employ someone who knows what there doing,would be lovely to have your help,somewhere to sit at the end of the day and listen to all the birdies in my trees,be nice to keep the trees for the wildlife,many thanks,katrina

  • lyn williams

    Hi I am writing on behalf of my 81 year old mum. She always loved gardening and was over the moon when she moved into her bungalow which has a small garden out front and a bit bigger out the back. Her husband is housebound with Parkinsons and now mum has severe mobility problems and her hip and knee joints do not allow her to walk far,let alone tend to her beloved garden. It would be a fantastic surprise for her to have garden makeover,just something done to make it easy to manage and beautiful to look at,as her husband is almost bedbound and spends his day either in bed or special chair just looking out the window.She used to have greenfingers and gets so frustrated she cannot put anytime into her small garden. Can you help please? There is a side entrance to her bungalow for easy access. I would be eternally grateful.Mum has always taken great store by Mr Titmarsh and believes nobody knows gardens better than him. Regards Pamela Lewis daughter of Lyn

  • Geoffrey Garrett

    Dear Alan ,
    i was hospitalised approx 6 years ago which has left me disabled due to liver abuse , and diebetes which which now causes other health problems and leaves me to weak to make OUR garden look nice . the reason i say ours , is i am writing for a makeover for my wife . She loves gardening , but doesnt posess green fingers ,on the contrary , however she really has a got a heart of gold never complains has 2 children and 4 grandchildren, is always there to help people , a shoulder for anybody in trouble , held down 2 jobs whilst nursing me back from my serious illness.There is not a single person that has a bad word to say about her .Hopefully you can dael with my request Yours Geoff

  • Stewart Perrygrove

    This is not a sob story but could make great TV as regards visual impact. We are a typical newly married young couple with a baby on the way, who have struggled to buy our first home leaving no money to tackle a truly unruly garden on a corner site with a ditch at the bottom and on a flood plain. Family & friends would love to help but don’t know how to tackle it.
    Please HELP, thank you.

  • Melissa Murray

    What is the closing date for entries?

  • Melissa Murray

    When is the closing date for entries?

  • Melissa Murray

    What is the closing date for this competition?

  • walter claydon

    hi ,i have been disabled from the age of 3,when i contracted polio but i have always worked has joiner from the age of 15,and at the age of 16 i had operations to able me to walk without calipers,i worked has a maintanence joiner for the local authority ,then my wife and i went into business,in the DIY trade for a number of years,then i had to take early retirement has my condition was worsening,i have always been indipendent ,and never asked anyone for any help at all ,i have always found ways to do jobs myself,my wife and i have done all our renevations ourselves,exept for the odd few things that i could,nt master myself ,like brick laying and plastering,but has for all the other trades we have managed ourselves,we have always loved our garden,and kept it tidy ,but now the time has come now when we can,t manage has both my wife and myself are disabled now,about 5 years ago i took to doing the garden sat on my backside,and shuffleing about the garden to keep it tidy,and now i am unable to lift myself up without any help ,which i do,nt like to ask for because i still have my pride,we now have my wifes 92 years old mother liveing with us now,and she is housebound ,and my wife ,although disabled and frail tends to her 24/7,all on her own has i am not able to give her any help,and we would love to see our small gardens spring back into life,once again,if only to give us some guidence to keep it low maintanence,for us ,plus this might give my wifes mother something to look forward to in her twylight years,and be able to sit in a nice pleasant garden once again,this will be a first for us to ask for any outside help and we would be for ever gratefull to you if only you would consider us for a make over ,thank you,

  • Amy Sweeney

    I would like to have a garden makeover for my mum. She deserves it as she has a lot on in her life. A garden should be somewhere to relax and forget about everything, but our garden is a mess and causes arguements. My mum has a full time job working for disabled people. She rarely gets days of but when she does she spends it at my grandmas and grandpas house. We moved to our new house because my grandma has osteoprosis so its a struggle for her to travel like she was doing. My grandpa all so has bipolar and some days he can be very down about life. With all this stress on mums plate, she hasn’t had the time or money to do the garden. If we had a new garden our family might be closer. My brother has been deognosed with ADHD and autism so having a messy garden really winds him up. I hope you can help as it would mean so much to me and for my mum. Thank you x

  • walter claydon

    i have been disabled since the age of three,with polio,but i have always pushed my self to do all my own work ,i have worked all my working life has a joiner,and i have been self employed untill my disability forced me to retire,my wife and i have never asked any body for help ,we have always done our DIY and maintanence,together,and i have also done work for family and friends in the past,we have always kept a tidy garden and enjoyed sitting out in the nice weather,but now we are both to disabled to keep up with the gardening,my nieghbour cuts the lawn for us now but he is also getting on in years now and we can,t expext him to do any more for us,also we have brought my wifes 92 years old mother to live with us has she is to frail now to look after herself ,she is housebound now but if only we could have a nice low maintanece and easy access garden for her to sit out i,m sure this would cheer her up in her twylight years,for the past 10 years i have sat on my backside to do my gardening,but now i find it immpossible to get back up without help ,i would be the happiest person ever if you would please consider me for a garden make over PS my wife has no idea that i have written to you ,thank you very much alan x

  • Deborah Keegan

    Would love to be able to giv my mums garden a make over.she has been quite poorly for nearly 10 yr and we hav recently lost my dad they hav both been in and out of hospital for some time and have a big garden me my brother sister and grandchildren try our best to keep on top of it but are failing the garden needs to be re designed for easy access for my mum so she can grow veg and flowers.


    hi i would like a garden makeover for my son Daniel. At 18 Daniel brought his own house as i was moving to cornwall & he didnt want to move with me.He brought a really old house with quite a big garden that has conifer trees down one side. Since then he now has a little boy of 5 who he has every weekend. He keeps the lawn mowed but thats about he can not afford to do of the work in the garden that needs doing. I am very proud of my son and feel that he deserves to have a makeover not just for him but charlie too he loves playing out in the garden but the trees are so big he gets no sun in the garden anymore.He is not willing to go into debt for anything and so i feel that he really deserve a makeover from you that would but so good not just for daniel but for charlie also Thank you

  • Ann connelly

    Hi, i would so love a garden make over. i look after my niece,& have done so over the last 20yrs, she physicaly & mentaly disabled, & is also registered blind. we moved in to our new house over a yaer ago, the back garden is very big, & very open, with small metal fence round it, there is loads of kids in the area, who play football in which the ball ends up in our garden all the time, with everything else that gets thrown in to my garden, my niece doesnt even want to go in to the garden now, as the noise of all the kids playing out there makes her feel a bit insecure about going out there, & i am a bit feart myself about her going out there, just incase she gets hit with something. she loved going out to the garden at my old house but we had to move in to this house, as it bigger & better for her needs, I would have liked to put a bigger fence or hedging round it, to give us some privacey at least, but i have put all my money plus i am still paying of things that we needed for the house, so i have not got anything left for the garden, i have put some plants here & there round the garden, just to try & make it look nice, but the back garden is very big, so cant do very much way it. anyways to win a make over from allen, would be realy fantastic, thank you.

  • Ann connelly

    hi, i would be so delighted if a could get a garden makeover in my back garden, i have my niece whom i have looked after for 20yrs now, & she phisicaly & mentaly disabled, & registered blind, weve moved in to this area about a year ago, and i have put all my money in to our new home, & much more, so have no money lft to do anything way my back garden, the area is full of kids etc, who tend to throw balls ect into the garden all the time as its very open,there is a metal fence round the garden, but its not very big, or gives you much privacey, would love to put some bigger fencing or hedging round it to try & give us some privacy, but cant afford to do that, she used to love going out into my old garden at my old house, which was a bit more private, but had to give that up, as this was a bigger & better house for her needs. i have tried to get her to go out into the new garden, but does not want to go out now, as there is to many kids playing & shouting, as i said, throwing things into the garden, which i am also affraid incase she get hurt with anything. so winning a makeover would be so great for her & me.thank you.

  • Julie Leverett

    A garden makeover or at least a re-design in parts would make myself and my Husbands lives a lot easier. At 55 and 62 years old, we have both forms of arthritis and although just about get by with maintenance now- we both worry about how we will do our garden in the future; the problem with it being that it is on two levels (and does not need to be) We both try to serve our community in ways that we can, by running an oil buying syndicate volun tarily so that our Village residents get a better deal on oil buying; plus I am Secretary and my Husband is Advertising Administrator for our local Community Cafe and Club. I am finding it more difficult to get up to the higher level of my garden; plus I cannot kneel to get to the beds, so a better designed garden with ‘arthritic joints’ in mind would be a godsend to us. Our little Village in Suffolk is lovely and we just want our garden to look tidy and pretty. Thank You.

  • Julie Leverett

    My Husband and I are in need of a change to our garden layout as it is on two levels at present. As we both have arthritic conditions we cannot get to the upper level very easily and maintenance of our garden is becoming very difficult for us, although at present we just about manage, but are stressed about how we will keep it tidy in future years when our condition worsens with age. We have lived in our bungalow for three years now, but only have the energy to keep it maintained rather than making it our own little piece of heaven to relax in in our old age. We would love to see our garden transformed into an easily maintainable and accdessible area for us both. Thank You,

  • Mrs Jo Knight

    This sounds such a fantastic Idea, I would love the chance to get to know my garden. My husband and I are often just tiding it to make do, but with a little guidance I’m sure working together with a team that know’s what there doing, We could make it Happy and inviting. good luck with all the applications, xx

  • stephen sharrock

    Hi I would love a garden makeover since we both work full time and had a conservatory built at Christmas we have had no time to do it, we have however started to try and landscape it but we are doing it blindfolded as we have no idea as to what to do.My wife would love to have a easy maintenance free garden, please consider my application. many thanks

  • Joan Stanley

    My husband and I would love to have a garden make-over. We live in a bungalow and our living room is on the back where we have a small garden and it is a ‘funny’ shape, it goes to a point. My husband always did the gardening but, at 79 and disabled, he is unable to do it now. I am not a gardener, but I do my best. It could really do with redesigning and making low mainenance, somewhere we could sit and enjoy the weather (whe we have it). Hoping we are lucky and get the help from you and your team. Joan and Roy

  • Joan Stanley

    My husband and I would love a garden make-over. We have a very small garden at the back and it is also a funny shape (it goes to a point). Our living room is on the back and we would like somewhere to sit in the summer. My husband used to do the garden but is now, at 79, disabled and unable to do any physical work. I try to do what I can, but I am NO gardener. The front is a lot larger but I have a gardener to do this. He does what he can with an hour every fortnight. Hoping we are sucessful. Joan and Roy

  • Joan Stanley

    My husband and I would love a garden make-over, mainly for the garden at the back of the house. We live in a bungalow and the living room is at the back of the house and it would be nice if we could sit in a nice enviroment. The garden is very small and is a very peculiar shape. My husband used to do the garden but he is now disabled and can not do physical work (he is on Oxygen) so there for, it is up to me, and I am no gardener and it really needs replanning to make it low maintenance. We love to watch the birds and also we have a small fish pond. hoping for helping hand. Joan & Roy

  • Elizabeth Collins

    I would like to apply for a garden makeover for my son, he is on minimal wage,he has 3 children 6,2 1. His partner does not work as she looks after the children. His garden needs to for saftey reasons becuse of the 3 little ones. Please help 😉

  • Susan Williams

    hi I work in a nursing home we need a new back disable garden at the moment its all grass no good for the games we got plan for the summer we gone to have throw a wellie,garden bowers,please help thank you


    Hi,i would love a garden makeover my back and front garden is a mess,i got a bad back,my Daughter got Epilepsy and learning difficulties,i cant aford to pay anyone not got much money.i would srealy be veary greatful if i could get some help,i need a safe environment for my daughter xx

  • nicola costello

    I seriously need a garden makeover how do i apply?

  • Sophie

    Hi I would love a garden makeover my garden is a mess we have a dog and are expecting are first child and just don’t no we’re to start to make it a safe environment for a child and dog please we need your help xx

  • Caroline Nicolaou

    Hi when is the closing date for this show?