Floral alleys can transform cities (credit: NW in Bloom/RHS)

Gardeners at the RHS London Plant & Design Show on 14-15 February were urged to turn neglected alleyways into green havens.

A poll of 231 gardening groups found that run-down areas were problematic due to fear of crime.

But gardens at the event showed how to green-up grot-spots.

One designer said: “A derelict alley can be taken on as a community project.”

  • Patrick

    HI we have to move a red acer/maple and wondered if it will be ok to move it now we caonnt find any information on it . It is about 6 years old but is still only 4 ft high. I think it must have been a slow growing tree but I am not sure. Any advice will be good hopefully moving it won,t kill it but it has to be moved tomorrow or Saturday. We live in Feltham Middlesex and are just moving it across the garden. Many Thanks Janet