Dip the base of the cutting into a rooting compound, shaking off the excess. Insert the cutting in a modular tray or 3 in (9cm) pot of seed and cutting compost

How to take semi-ripe cuttings

Now is the time to propagate shrubs, climbers and woody herbs from semi-ripe cuttings. This is one of the easier cutting techniques and can be done from June until mid-October,…

Now trim the cutting just below a node (where the leaves appear) and strip the bottom 1in (3cm) of leaves from it. Make a hole in the compost with a pencil and push the cutting in

How to take lavender cuttings

Our Amateur Gardening Expert gets her lavender bushes in shape for a good show next year. If you want to know how to take lavender cuttings follow this simple step…

Fill the container with multipurpose compost or veg-specific growing media. This should help secure canes in place. Leave enough room to accommodate the plant rootballs

Planting up patio containers

We are going to show you how to plant up some fantastic pots for your patio, we are partnering runner beans and nasturtiums. You will need: – Large pot/container –…

Your Gardening Week 14 July 2007

How to take stem-tip heather cuttings

Summer is the season for taking stem-tip cuttings of heathers. Our Amatuer Gardening expert shows you how to go about it in six easy steps. Step 1 Remove a strong, healthy,…

Sunflower 'Earth Walker'

5 Easy steps to sowing sunflower seeds

Sowing Sunflower Seeds in 5 Simple Steps Step 1: At the end of March/early April sow seeds into 9cm pots. Use an equal ratio of loam, perlite and sand. Step…

how to make compost

How to make your own compost

The easiest way to start composting at home is to invest in a compost-maker. Most garden centres will stock two sizes: 220-litres or 330-litres. The golden rule is to buy…


How to create a self-watering planter

WATERING tomatoes and other large plants all year round, especially during busy times, can be a lot of hard work. A number of self-watering planter systems are available to buy…

How to deadhead buddleja [video]

How to deadhead buddleja [video]

Buddleja add colour to your garden, they are also great for wildlife, attracting bees and butterflies. If you deadhead buddleja you will prolong the season on this colourful plant. This…

How to prune an apple tree [video]

How to prune an apple tree [video]

This great instruction video lasts over 9 minutes and is packed full of tips on how to prune apple trees. This video shows you how to prune an apple tree…