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In the 29 March issue of Amateur Gardening…

Link to In the 29 March issue of Amateur Gardening…

Summer flower bulbs – follow our easy guide to planting
Grow Your Own – we make it simple with a special eight-page guide on container crops
Garden gift ideas – perfect for Mother’s Day
Peter Seabrook – how to keep lawns green
Christine Walkden – advice on sowing peas
Anne Swithinbank – pruning a fig tree
Bob Flowerdew – learn to live with wasps
Toby Buckland…

Product test – budget spades and forks

Link to Product test – budget spades and forks

Best buy: 20/20
£13 each
Wilko stainless-steel border range
Wilkinson stores
Tel. 08456 080807
Quality stainless steel heads with well-finished high-grade ash hardwood shaft and handle. Spade: total height 37in (94cm) with 51/2in (14cm) wide blade. Fork: total height 38in (96cm) with 51/2in (14cm) wide head.
Traditional-looking tools with wishbone handles and boot treads on the shoulders of the spade. Two rivets secure the…

Product profile – teapot bird feeder

Link to Product profile – teapot bird feeder

Here’s a little tea-time treat that’ll have your feathered friends tweeting for joy. Produced by family tea merchants Ringtons this classic shaped ceramic teapot is really a birdfeeder that can be hung securely from any tree, post or balcony thanks to its strong zinc coated steel suspension cable. Each one carries the 107 year company’s RT crest and comes with…

Top Tips from Amateur Gardening 1 March – on sale now

Link to Top Tips from Amateur Gardening 1 March – on sale now

Want to make a few bob, selling your surplus plants at car boot sales? We set out our selling tips, as well as what you can and can’t sell
Anne Swithinbank shows how to protect early planted potatoes from late frosts, while Bob Flowerdew sets out his favorite types by culinary use.
Sowing a new lawn this spring? AG consumer editor, Julia…

Product profile – Garden MultiTool

Link to Product profile – Garden MultiTool

Here’s a great idea as a present for a gardening friend.  The Garden MultiTool is one of a range of four pocket-sized tools launched by Wilkinson Sword. 
Despite being just 4in (10cm long) it has 14 other devices tucked away in the handles, making it ideal for spur of the moment DIY and repair jobs around the garden. Amongst them is…

5 top tips from Amateur Gardening 22 February

Link to 5 top tips from Amateur Gardening 22 February

Snowdrops failing to flower? Congested clumps can starve each other of the nutrients needed for flowering. We show you how to divide and conquer!
How have your trees coped in the high winds and gales? We show three ways of staking young trees to keep them upright, no matter the weather.
The One Show’s Christine Walkden reveals the best clematis for…

Product test – seed packet storage

Link to Product test – seed packet storage

Best buy 20/20
£17.99 (£4.99 p&p)
Calendar Seed Storage Box
Te. 0844 557 2233
A sturdily constructed blue metal box with snug fitting hinged lid, inside is a metal partition for the thick cardboard 12 month dividers. Dimensions: 10¼in wide x 13in deep x 8in high (26cm x 13cm x 20cm). Also available in olive and grey.
This seed store has two compartments…

Product test – petrol chainsaws

Link to Product test – petrol chainsaws

Best buy 20/20
For nearest stockists tel. 01276 20202
Very strong plastic casing and spiked bumper. Plastic engine shroud, rubberised chain brake, rear handle and handlebar. Metal guide bar and steel chain.
A 30.1cc 2-stroke engine and a chain that reaches 24.8m per second. Chain tension is altered by a screw alongside the guide bar. Clear fuel and chain…

Product profile – tool rack

Link to Product profile – tool rack

If you find yourself having to fight off a bundle of tools every time you open the shed door then a proper storage system has to be a priority. It’ll not only be a far safer place but also make retrieving your gardening gear quicker and easier. Plus, it’ll have the knock on effect of freeing up floor space.
Burgon &…

Five top tips from Amateur Gardening 1 February 2014

Link to Five top tips from Amateur Gardening 1 February 2014

You don’t need any special tools or tricks to remove ivy from walls, AG Gardening editor Kris Collins shows you the easy way to do it.
There are two ways to prune a rose – one produces fewer but bigger blooms, the other gives more flowers per plant but fewer blooms. Read Peter Seabrook’s timely advice to get the results you…