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Product test – budget spades and forks

Link to Product test – budget spades and forks

Best buy: 20/20
£13 each
Wilko stainless-steel border range
Wilkinson stores
Tel. 08456 080807
Quality stainless steel heads with well-finished high-grade ash hardwood shaft and handle. Spade: total height 37in (94cm) with 51/2in (14cm) wide blade. Fork: total height 38in (96cm) with 51/2in (14cm) wide head.
Traditional-looking tools with wishbone handles and boot treads on the shoulders of the spade. Two rivets secure the…

Product profile – Garden MultiTool

Link to Product profile – Garden MultiTool

Here’s a great idea as a present for a gardening friend.  The Garden MultiTool is one of a range of four pocket-sized tools launched by Wilkinson Sword. 
Despite being just 4in (10cm long) it has 14 other devices tucked away in the handles, making it ideal for spur of the moment DIY and repair jobs around the garden. Amongst them is…

Product test – seed packet storage

Link to Product test – seed packet storage

Best buy 20/20
£17.99 (£4.99 p&p)
Calendar Seed Storage Box
Te. 0844 557 2233
A sturdily constructed blue metal box with snug fitting hinged lid, inside is a metal partition for the thick cardboard 12 month dividers. Dimensions: 10¼in wide x 13in deep x 8in high (26cm x 13cm x 20cm). Also available in olive and grey.
This seed store has two compartments…

Late season filler



Geraniums are great for ground cover, with many varieties flowering well into autumn. Give them plenty of space to grow in full sun or partial shade.
Divide plants every three to five years in spring to keep them robust.

Get a second flush


Hardy geraniums can be cut right down to the ground after flowering. This will give the plants a tidy appearance, and encourage healthy new foliage and a second flush of flowers in late summer.
Some lupins, hardy geraniums, poppies and delphiniums will produce another flowering display in late summer/early autumn, if spent flower stems are promptly cut down after the first…

A mini pond in a pot


No room for a pond? Grow and display waterlilies in a container, says Michelle

Place one waterproof pot inside another. Sizes will depend on the growth of the water lily and the space needed to accommodate the side plants.

Fill the space between the two pots with grit and compost, suitable for the plants to be used. (I’ve used a collection of…

Product profile – tomato growhouse

Link to Product profile – tomato growhouse

There’s no doubt about it – young tomato plants can always benefit from extra weather protection. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a greenhouse though as Nison has a sturdy, yet temporary, solution. Take a look at the Nison tomato growhouse with its powder coated steel frame, heavy duty PVC cover plus guy ropes and pegs for extra stability. 
Providing your…

Build a house for Mason bees


Michelle shows you how to make a bee hotel for Mason bees

Carefully saw a 36 x 4 x 1/2in (105 x 10 x 1.5cm) plank of untreated wood into 2 x 12in (30cm) lengths and 2 x 8in 20cm lengths

Drill two holes into the edges of each 12in (30cm)  piece and attach the 8in (20cm) pieces using 11/4in (3cm) No…

Product profile – bird feed kit

Link to Product profile – bird feed kit

FINDING STUFF to keep kids amused on dull winter days can be a challenge, which is why this wild bird feed making kit is such a winner. Not only will your children enjoy creating a range of tasty treats that will attract wild birds to the garden, they will also be able to watch their new feathered friends tucking in.

Sow now for summer colour


Join Kris in starting summer bedding plants from seed on windowsills 

Small scale sowing for windowsill growing

Fill small pots,trays or modular cell trays with sieved seed and cutting compost, tap down to knock out air gaps and level the surface.

Drench the compost with a fine-rose watering can and allow to drain. This will further settle the compost and create depth and…