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More than 300,000 volunteers take part in Britain in Bloom (photo credit: RHS)

Critic slams RHS Britain in Bloom

A nurserywoman has attacked RHS Britain in Bloom, accusing the initiative of encouraging gardeners to grow “brash, short-lived plants”. Writing on (a site edited by critic Anne Wareham) grower…

Garden critic Anne Wareham (copyright: IPC)

Garden critic: why I hate gardening!

One of Britain’s best-known garden critics has confessed that she finds gardening a ‘chore’ and hates doing it. Anne Wareham, who starred in Channel 5’s I Own Britain’s Best Home…

Garden critic Anne Wareham

Critic Anne Wareham calls for tough garden reviews

Gardens should be subjected to restaurant-style reviews, according to one of gardening’s most outspoken critics. Garden writer and consultant Anne Wareham, who appeared on Channel 5 series Britain’s Best Home…