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Insect repellent patio planter – reader offer

Link to Insect repellent patio planter – reader offer

Keep bugs at bay the natural way, says Kris

Nothing Spoils the memory of a summer evening in the garden, like waking up the following day covered in insect bites. Biting insects common in the UK include midges, gnats, ticks, mites and horseflies. Instead of installing a bug zapper or employing sickly sweet citronella candles why not try this natural control method?…

22 May: Streptocarpus leaf cuttings

Link to 22 May: Streptocarpus leaf cuttings

Old streptocarpus plants begin to lose their flowering potential. Fortunately they’re easy to propagate by taking leaf cuttings; this should be done in spring or early summer
How to do it…
Place the leaf on a flat surface and cut along each side of the midrib using a sharp knife. Discard the midrib. Fill a tray with cuttings compost, water and…

How to grow: Streptocarpus

Link to How to grow: Streptocarpus

Once you’ve grown one Cape primrose successfully you’ll be hooked forever, says Anne Swithinbank
There are literally hundreds of varieties of streptocarpus and they are very collectable. As the common name Cape primrose suggests, streptocarpus originate mainly from South Africa, where they grow in wooded areas, enjoying moist soil and light shade.
This is an easy environment to replicate indoors. Normal room…