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Gardeners urged to rescue hens


A charity has issued an urgent plea to AG readers to adopt hens for their gardens – after it emerged up to four million birds will be slaughtered this month.

An EU directive means that battery cages must be abolished in the UK by January. All birds have to be removed from their tiny cages before New Year.
The British Hen Welfare…

Hen-keeping in gardens at record levels

Link to Hen-keeping in gardens at record levels

Compassionate Brits are adopting battery hens in their droves, as demand for self-sufficiency grows.
Half a million UK residents now keep hens in their back gardens – the highest figure since the Second World War.
The trend, driven by demand for eco-living and grow-your-own, means that thousands of birds are being saved from slaughter houses.
When the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) was…