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Michelle’s blog: Spring forward

Link to Michelle’s blog: Spring forward

Spring bouncing forward

The time has come to plant my potatoes in the ground. Yes it is rather early for some regions, but down here on the south coast, having set them out for chitting in a cool but light place, they have already started to dehydrate a little, and look like they need a bit of TLC. I have yet…

Product profile – potting up box

Link to Product profile – potting up box

Potting up box

Potting trays aren’t the only moveable workstations on the market. A more compact version, which scores high on portability and good looks, is this potting-up box made from slate. It comes complete with matching soil scoop and has two carrying handles on the side. Pop your compost inside then use the handy shelf for lining up your containers…

Repotting houseplants

Link to Repotting houseplants

AG garden writer Michelle Wheeler, shows you how to re-pot your houseplants.

Step one: Water the plant in its original pot to soak the compost and allow it to drain for a few hours before potting on.

Step two: Choose a pot just one or two sizes bigger than the original and add a shallow layer of houseplant compost.

Step three: Set the…

Marc’s blog: for peat’s sake!

Link to Marc’s blog: for peat’s sake!

I like to think I am a reasonably environmentally-friendly chap, writes AG news editor Marc Rosenberg.
I grow quite a lot of veg, herbs and salads, use hardly any chemicals in the garden, recycle around 80 per cent of my household rubbish and so on.
But apparently, despite all my efforts to ‘go green,’ I am considered by some to be an…

Make your own compost bins

Link to Make your own compost bins

Kris and Michelle offer two ways to get you ready for autumn composting
Quick Tip
Instead of pricey activators, use seaweed feed or animal manure to get the rotting process under way
Make a pallet composter in six simple steps

1) Choosing an out-of-the-way spot, clear away plant material and other debris and level the ground. You may need to fork over the soil,…

World’s peat in plentiful supply, claims study

Link to World’s peat in plentiful supply, claims study

Peat is not in short supply and its extraction need not harm the environment if carefully managed, claims a shock report.
The International Peat Society (IPS) in Finland, says there are 400million hectares of peatland on Earth – but just 2,000 square kilometres is used globally to make compost.
In contrast, 300,000km2 has been used worldwide for farming, 150,000km2 for forestry and…