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Plant up begonia containers

Link to Plant up begonia containers

Light up shady spots with these summer favourites
Begonias require free draining conditions. Line your chosen container with an inch or so of gravel, broken crocks or grit, for good drainage.

Fill the pot with a multipurpose and John Innes no.2 compost mix. Gently firm, leaving one inch (2.5cm) of pot rim on show to aid watering.

Set your tubers in place, I’m…

Instant colour from bulbs

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Got gaps to fill, or didn’t plant in autumn? Plant sprouted bulbs this weekend for a quick fix, says AG garden editor Kris Collins
Autumn is the traditional time to plant out dormant spring bulbs, but if you didn’t get round to the job last year, help is now at hand. Garden centres seem to have upped their game in supplying…

Summer citrus care

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There are a few timely jobs to do if you want a good crop of citrus fruit this year, says Kris

REMOVAL OF larger branches is best done in winter, but to encourage a bushy habit and increase branching lower down, new growths should now have their tips removed as they reach 4-6in (10-15cm) in length

Watering and feeding
WATER PLANTS at least…

Insect repellent patio planter – reader offer

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Keep bugs at bay the natural way, says Kris

Nothing Spoils the memory of a summer evening in the garden, like waking up the following day covered in insect bites. Biting insects common in the UK include midges, gnats, ticks, mites and horseflies. Instead of installing a bug zapper or employing sickly sweet citronella candles why not try this natural control method?…

22 May: Planting up patio containers

Link to 22 May: Planting up patio containers

Plant up a classic combination of edibles and ornamentals in your patio pots. Amateur Gardening’s Kris Collins is partnering runner beans and nasturtiums
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Step two
Step three