cactus vid

Cactus Cuttings

        Amateur Gardening video: AG  editor, Tim Rumball, shows you how to take easy cactus cuttings without getting pricked!  

b fuchsia standards

Standard fuchsias

Train cuttings for low cost versions of these premium plants, says AG’s gardening editor Kris Collins Cuttings and initial training: 1) Take a non-flowering tip with two or three leaf sets.…


Penstemon stem-tip cuttings update

Michelle checks out the penstemon cuttings she took earlier this year to see their progress   In the August 11 issue of AG I took some penstemon stem-tip cuttings, and…

sage cuttings video

AG video: simple sage cuttings

        Tune in to AG’s Tim Rumball and learn how to take easy cuttings from sage. For further ways to take cuttings from herbaceous plants see Michelle…

vid shot

Summer cuttings

          This is the first of our practical how-to videos, in coming month’s we’ll be adding more to give you simple instruction on getting the most…


Easy fuchsia cuttings

Never taken cuttings? Gain confidence with these easy candidates, says AG garden writer Michelle Wheeler The part of gardening I enjoy the most is propagating plants. If you have never…

weigela web

Shrubs for semi-ripe cuttings

Thinking of taking semi ripe cuttings this summer? see our list here for a range of suitable shrubby subjects


Chrysanthemum cuttings

Garden writer Michelle Wheeler shows you how to take cuttings of this firm favourite. Step one: Fill small pots in advance with a cutting compost mixed with perlite to aid…


A bumper begonia crop

Plant begonia tubers now ready to early cuttings in spring, says AG garden writer Michelle Fill a seed tray with light, sandy, loam-based compost. Or mix horticultural sand with multi-purpose…


Taking Hardwood cuttings

Increase your plant stocks by taking simple hardwood cuttings through October, says AG’s Michelle Wheeler Hardwood cuttings are easy to take and, for most deciduous trees and shrubs, the best…