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Raking is gardeners ‘most hated’ chore

Link to Raking is gardeners ‘most hated’ chore

Raking is gardeners’ most hated outdoor task – with Brits ranking it as a never-ending chore.
Over 500 gardeners were asked to identify the task they least looked forward to. 
Behind raking came tidying-up the garden and trimming hedges, in second and third place respectively.
A spokesman for, which carried out the study, said: “It’s no surprise to see some of the…

Gardening over Easter


My boys are used to me dragging them away from their computers and out into the garden. And actually, my repeated attempts to get them gardening is helping them with their school studies and science projects.
Aged seven and ten, they are already studying plant biology at different levels, so not only are they curious about plant life cycles, their homework…