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Five facts from Amateur Gardening 18 Jan 2014

Link to Five facts from Amateur Gardening 18 Jan 2014

Straight fertilisers can target specific problems with your garden plants. Confused by all the different options on garden centre shelves? We pick out the best and show you how to use them to optimise flowers, fruit and foliage in the garden.
Fancy a bumper runner bean crop in 2014? Buy British-bred cultivars and start saving your own seeds – Peter Seabrook…

Kris’s blog: bank holiday washout?


Like me, all this rain is probably starting to get you down. A constant sodden garden means my outdoor to-do list is getting longer by the day.
Who knows what the weather will hold this weekend – probably heavy down pours leading to a heat wave on Tuesday when we are all back at work!
If rain does set in and you…