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Posts Tagged ‘November’

Planting tulips in pots

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November is the ideal time to plant tulip bulbs, says AG gardening editor Kris Collins
While spring flowering bulbs have been available to buy since the end of August, tul;ips are best left until November for planting. This prevents problems with tulip fire disease, a soil-borne fungus that can develop in the lingering warmth of autumn. By planting closer to Christmas…

Michelle’s blog: Keeping on top of weeds and seeds

Link to Michelle’s blog: Keeping on top of weeds and seeds

I have been weeding again this week! Thanks to the warm weather and now the rain, all the areas I had already turned over, for autumn planting or winter rest, are covered in tiny weed seedlings!
I am hoping that the extra weeding time I’ve been forced in to, will benefit me in spring – having sprouted this side of winter…

Making a living screen

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AG’s Emilie Griffin has got the bug for willow weaving and is now creating a fence/hedge or ‘fedge’
Here’s how to go about it:
Step1 Peg a strip of black membrane, 1ft (30cm) wide and as long as needed, to the ground. Once it’s in place push the edges into the soil with a spade. Start at the corners then move along…

Growing with lights

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Prepare for growing in the dull days of winter with artificial lighting, says
AG gardening editor Kris Collins

Rather than just sit back and hanker for the spring sowing season (which seems like a long way off) it is possible to grow a range of vegetables, herbs and annual flowers, or to grow on plants that would normally die back in winter.…

Planting blueberries

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AG’s Kris Collins visits Trehane Nursery for some expert advice on planting blueberries

Trehane Nursery in Dorset has been growing blueberries since 1949, as well as a huge pick your own field, you can find their produce on supermarket shelves in the summer months, and they supply a wide range of cultivars for home growing.
Nursery manager Lorraine Keets says get the soil right…

7 Aug: Making a brick path step-by-step

Link to 7 Aug: Making a brick path step-by-step

Kris Collins makes a brick path on existing concrete
To keep things in place the bricks need to go down on a bed of mortar. This is where the existing concrete actually came in handy as I had no ground work to do, already having a clean level surface to lay my bricks down on.
If I was starting from scratch I…