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Raking is gardeners ‘most hated’ chore

Link to Raking is gardeners ‘most hated’ chore

Raking is gardeners’ most hated outdoor task – with Brits ranking it as a never-ending chore.
Over 500 gardeners were asked to identify the task they least looked forward to. 
Behind raking came tidying-up the garden and trimming hedges, in second and third place respectively.
A spokesman for, which carried out the study, said: “It’s no surprise to see some of the…

Liven up your gravel border

Link to Liven up your gravel border

Make gravel areas more interesting with the right plants. Michelle shows you how
Give plants a weekly feed for the first month after planting to get them off to a great start
Planting up an area already covered with gravel

1) Experiment with plant placing before setting out. These types of plants spread slowly, so check labels for spacing and eventual size,…

Summer planting container trees and shrubs

Link to Summer planting container trees and shrubs

Don’t let summer heat stop you from planting out trees and shrubs, say Michelle Wheeler

1) When planting in grass, first strip off the turf, in a circle radiating out 20in (50cm) from the central position of where the tree or shrub is to be sited.

2) Dig the hole, making it the same depth as the container the plant is growing…

Planting blueberries

Link to Planting blueberries

AG’s Kris Collins visits Trehane Nursery for some expert advice on planting blueberries

Trehane Nursery in Dorset has been growing blueberries since 1949, as well as a huge pick your own field, you can find their produce on supermarket shelves in the summer months, and they supply a wide range of cultivars for home growing.
Nursery manager Lorraine Keets says get the soil right…

Plant a traditional herbaceous border

Link to Plant a traditional herbaceous border

AG gardening editor Kris Collins uses a selection of hardy herbaceous perennials to plant up a sunny border

Autumn is the ideal time to plant a border ready for the following year. Plants establish in the ground quickly, before the cold winter weather sets in and will take off quickly once spring arrives. Perennials can look sparse when first planted. But…

Planting shrubs

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Emilie takes advantage of the weather and plants up a shrub border in November
Quick tip
If heavy frost lifts the rootball from the soil firm it back in with the  heel of your foot as soon as possible
Plants for sunny and shady borders
Sunny border
1 Cotinus
2 Hibiscus syriacus
3 Photinia x fraseri
4 Callicarpa
5  Daphne odora
6 Euonymus fortunii
7 Vinca major
Shady border
1 Aucuba japonica
2 Cornus…

22 May: Planting up patio containers

Link to 22 May: Planting up patio containers

Plant up a classic combination of edibles and ornamentals in your patio pots. Amateur Gardening’s Kris Collins is partnering runner beans and nasturtiums
Step one
Step two
Step three

Summer clematis

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Viticella clematis are smothered with flowers and easy to care for, says Val Bourne
For a no-fuss climber that takes up little ground room, look no further than the Viticella Group clematis. Train them up tripods, fences or trellises – even tumbling over low walls or rambling along the ground.
Their gently scrambling habit makes them the perfect follow up act for…