Perennial border

Top 10 Perennials for Borders

Top 10 Perennials for Borders The perennials you should choose for your garden will very much depend on the location of the border. So before you buy make sure you…


Summer planting container trees and shrubs

Don’t let summer heat stop you from planting out trees and shrubs, say Michelle Wheeler 1) When planting in grass, first strip off the turf, in a circle radiating out…

blueberry step3

Planting blueberries

AG’s Kris Collins visits Trehane Nursery for some expert advice on planting blueberries Trehane Nursery in Dorset has been growing blueberries since 1949, as well as a huge pick your own field,…

3 Check that the planting hole is deep enough by placing a cane or spade handle across it. The top of the plant compost should just touch the cane . Fill the hole in with soil mixed with compost. Firm in and water well

Planting shrubs

Emilie takes advantage of the weather and plants up a shrub border in November Quick tip If heavy frost lifts the rootball from the soil firm it back in with…

Fill the container with multipurpose compost or veg-specific growing media. This should help secure canes in place. Leave enough room to accommodate the plant rootballs

Planting up patio containers

Plant up a classic combination of edibles and ornamentals in your patio pots. Amateur Gardening’s Kris Collins is partnering runner beans and nasturtiums Step one Step two Step three

Clematis 'Madame Julia Correvon'

Summer clematis

Viticella clematis are smothered with flowers and easy to care for, says Val Bourne For a no-fuss climber that takes up little ground room, look no further than the Viticella…