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Spring pruning: what to cut back now

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As winter performers finish and before summer performers put on growth, it’s time to get shrubs back in shape. Here is a list of common garden shrubs that should be tackled now:

Six autumn jobs for roses

prune late roses2

For the best plants and flowers, roses need attention all-year-round. AG gardening editor Kris Collins sets out the key jobs this autumn
Prune late-flowering types

My Rosa ‘The fairy’ was still flowering when the snow hit last year. This shrub rose is renowned for it’s long flowering period. Cold nights mean that many types will slow down, but others seem to enjoy…

Winter pruning apple and pear trees

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Emilie Griffin prunes apple and pear trees in anticipation of a good crop next year
When pruning apple and pear trees, you need to make sure they are dormant – from December to late February, between leaf fall and bud break.
The way you prune your fruit tree depends on whether it is tip- or spur-bearing. And to determine this you will…

Summer clematis

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Viticella clematis are smothered with flowers and easy to care for, says Val Bourne
For a no-fuss climber that takes up little ground room, look no further than the Viticella Group clematis. Train them up tripods, fences or trellises – even tumbling over low walls or rambling along the ground.
Their gently scrambling habit makes them the perfect follow up act for…