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Autumn tree planting

tree planting vid shot

In  our latest video, AG gardening editor, Kris Collins, shows you how to plant a tree this side of the winter for a good start next spring

Spring pruning: what to cut back now

Link to Spring pruning: what to cut back now

As winter performers finish and before summer performers put on growth, it’s time to get shrubs back in shape. Here is a list of common garden shrubs that should be tackled now:

Taking Hardwood cuttings

Link to Taking Hardwood cuttings

Increase your plant stocks by taking simple hardwood cuttings through October, says AG’s Michelle Wheeler

Hardwood cuttings are easy to take and, for most deciduous trees and shrubs, the best way to increase plant stocks. They are taken in the plant’s dormant season, best carried out after leaf fall, and before the plant starts to show growth in spring.
The material used…

Summer planting container trees and shrubs

Link to Summer planting container trees and shrubs

Don’t let summer heat stop you from planting out trees and shrubs, say Michelle Wheeler

1) When planting in grass, first strip off the turf, in a circle radiating out 20in (50cm) from the central position of where the tree or shrub is to be sited.

2) Dig the hole, making it the same depth as the container the plant is growing…

Planting shrubs

Link to Planting shrubs

Emilie takes advantage of the weather and plants up a shrub border in November
Quick tip
If heavy frost lifts the rootball from the soil firm it back in with the  heel of your foot as soon as possible
Plants for sunny and shady borders
Sunny border
1 Cotinus
2 Hibiscus syriacus
3 Photinia x fraseri
4 Callicarpa
5  Daphne odora
6 Euonymus fortunii
7 Vinca major
Shady border
1 Aucuba japonica
2 Cornus…