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Shrubs in tubs – planting advice

By planting up pots and containers with deciduous and evergreen shrubs, you’ll create longer lasting displays that provide interest all year round. Andy McIndoe recommends five of the best 1…

Crown lifting allows you to underplant trees and shrubs

Raising the skirts of trees and shrubs

Crown lifting is valuable pruning technique anyone can try.  It simply involves removing the lower branches of a tree or shrub to raise the height of the canopy. There are…

tree planting vid shot

Autumn tree planting

      In  our latest video, AG gardening editor, Kris Collins, shows you how to plant a tree this side of the winter for a good start next spring

Hibiscus spring prune

Spring pruning: what to cut back now

As winter performers finish and before summer performers put on growth, it's time to get shrubs back in shape. Here is a list of common garden shrubs that should be…


Taking Hardwood cuttings

Increase your plant stocks by taking simple hardwood cuttings through October, says AG’s Michelle Wheeler Hardwood cuttings are easy to take and, for most deciduous trees and shrubs, the best…


Summer planting container trees and shrubs

Don’t let summer heat stop you from planting out trees and shrubs, say Michelle Wheeler 1) When planting in grass, first strip off the turf, in a circle radiating out…

3 Check that the planting hole is deep enough by placing a cane or spade handle across it. The top of the plant compost should just touch the cane . Fill the hole in with soil mixed with compost. Firm in and water well

Planting shrubs

Emilie takes advantage of the weather and plants up a shrub border in November Quick tip If heavy frost lifts the rootball from the soil firm it back in with…