Tomato growing tips in summer [video]

Growing tomatoes can be very rewarding offering your fruit for you to use in the kitchen. This video gives you some quick tips to maximise your crop. Our expert has…

Terracotta pot with Dahlia Satellite

How to plant summer bulbs

I HAVE always wanted more colour in my summer garden, so this year I was determined to get my summer bulbs – including corms and tubers – in on time.…


How to deadhead buddleja [video]

Buddleja add colour to your garden, they are also great for wildlife, attracting bees and butterflies. If you deadhead buddleja you will prolong the season on this colourful plant. This…


Taking Semi-ripe cuttings [video]

When taking semi-ripe cuttings you will first need a bag and secateurs. Take a branch of the plant you are taking a cutting from, you will notice that the end…