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Summer planting container trees and shrubs

Link to Summer planting container trees and shrubs

Don’t let summer heat stop you from planting out trees and shrubs, say Michelle Wheeler

1) When planting in grass, first strip off the turf, in a circle radiating out 20in (50cm) from the central position of where the tree or shrub is to be sited.

2) Dig the hole, making it the same depth as the container the plant is growing…

Summer citrus care

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There are a few timely jobs to do if you want a good crop of citrus fruit this year, says Kris

REMOVAL OF larger branches is best done in winter, but to encourage a bushy habit and increase branching lower down, new growths should now have their tips removed as they reach 4-6in (10-15cm) in length

Watering and feeding
WATER PLANTS at least…

How to grow: Streptocarpus

Link to How to grow: Streptocarpus

Once you’ve grown one Cape primrose successfully you’ll be hooked forever, says Anne Swithinbank
There are literally hundreds of varieties of streptocarpus and they are very collectable. As the common name Cape primrose suggests, streptocarpus originate mainly from South Africa, where they grow in wooded areas, enjoying moist soil and light shade.
This is an easy environment to replicate indoors. Normal room…

Summer clematis

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Viticella clematis are smothered with flowers and easy to care for, says Val Bourne
For a no-fuss climber that takes up little ground room, look no further than the Viticella Group clematis. Train them up tripods, fences or trellises – even tumbling over low walls or rambling along the ground.
Their gently scrambling habit makes them the perfect follow up act for…