No one likes a show off, so you’ll have to forgive my smugness, but look at the size of my tomato plants!

I reckon I must have some of the biggest and best home-grown plants in the country right now (I’m happy to be proven wrong – if yours are bigger, show us the proof by posting some photos on the Amateur Gardening Facebook page).

But how have I produced such quality plants at such an early stage in the growing season?

From germination until the plants reached the lighting unit, my plants were started off in an Aerogarden indoor growing system – if you don’t have room or budget for a heated greenhouse set up, it’s an ideal way to start plants off early in the season.

The variety grown is ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’ (Franchi Seeds). As with all beefsteak varieties, the longer the growing season the better the crop will be.

The plants are now sitting happily in what I can’t quite call a conservatory, but it is glazed and attached to the house none the less. As soon as temperatures pick up they’ll go out to the greenhouse to receive better light levels.

I can’t wait to be eating mozzarella and tomato salads this summer!