I’ve just taken delivery of some tree lily bulbs from T&M.

The company is running a competition to see which member of the media can grow the best plants this season. The winner will get to attend a huge trade show in Germany next year.

I’ve got high hopes of winning the title in the name of your favourite gardening mag, but I need your help…. while I’ve grown plenty of lilies, I’ve never planted tree lilies. If you have any tips for success, post them here.

If I win I’ll let you in on my full grow diary at the end of the season so you can get the same winning results as I do!

  • Jeab

    Who care about saving power! if youre gnowirg good pot you can sell it and make a decent profit to afford your electricity bill. what type of lights are you using? id suggest high pressure sodium bulbs, they work very nicely and doesn’t use up your electric bill too much. Even Compact florescent lights will be energy efficient. Was this answer helpful?