Michelle checks out the penstemon cuttings she took earlier this year to see their progress


In the August 11 issue of AG I took some penstemon stem-tip cuttings, and propagated them in black plastic rolls, using moistened sphagnum moss.

At the weekend I saw that most of them were putting on new growth, so I decided to unroll the plastic and take a look at the roots. Always a nervous moment!

All but two had rooted extremely well, so I carefully removed them from the plastic and potted them up in a seed and cuttings compost, with some of the moss attached, as I did not want to damage the roots.

The cuttings are growing happily in my greenhouse, and will be kept frost-free until they are ready to be planted out next spring.

  • Otilia

    I use the brown paper bags for lining the kheictn compost bin. Then I tip the whole thing, bag and all into the composter in the garden seems to work fine. I do the same for the food waste bin which the council collects every week. I gave a whole stack of the cardboard punnets and empty yoghurt pots to our infants school. They keep pencils in them!