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Bird cam

Bird camera

This clever device will help you keep an eye on feathered friends

Want to know what birds and wildlife get up to in your garden when you are not around? A new motion-activated camera from the RSPB means you really can watch the birdies. A bit like an avian version of Big Brother, this weather-resistant piece of kit will deliver round-the-clock video clips that you can watch on your TV or computer. Or you can print off crisp hi-resolution images using the USB cable supplied. Simply place on the ground or fix to a tree trunk and wait for the show to begin. There is a smart sensor that ignores feeders when they move in the wind, and a time-lapse setting and powerful flash to capture any night-time action.

The Birdcam 2.0 remote motion-activated wildlife camera costs £179.99 from the RSPB. or call (08451) 200501

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  • helen says:
    9:24 AM on 9th December 2011

    please can you tell me how to attract birds in to my garden,when there dosn’t seam to be birds in the area, i have put bird feeder out but nothink comes
    thank you

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