We have filmed some great gardening videos for you to enjoy time and time again.

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Alan Titchmarsh How to feed your garden

Alan Titchmarsh – How to feed plants

Alan Titchmarsh shows you when, what and how much to feed your plants and lawn to make sure your plants perform to the best of their ability. The results will…

Julia product review

AG 2012 product review

        AG consumer editor, Julia Heaton, highlights some of the best garden products to hit the market over 2012  

Tim spiking video

Aerating waterlogged lawns

      AG editor, Tim Rumball, shows you how to deal with waterlogged lawns, to improve your turf and set it up for the seson ahead  

Marc tree fern vid

Protecting tree ferns

      Ag news editor, Marc Rosenberg, shows you how to protect tree ferns from the worst of the winter weather