How to get a great-looking lawn with minimal effort. A beautiful lawn complements the rest of the garden and makes the whole garden look fantastic


Your lawn serves as a huge source of air conditioning for your garden and also releases oxygen and simultaneously captures dust, keeping you and your family healthy. To reap the benefits to the full, keep your lawn as healthy as possible and your lawn pays you back for all the work you put into it.

A simple lawn-care programme will give you a lawn to be proud of, and if you keep it in perfect condition your friends and neighbours will be green with envy – making you their go-to person for garden advice.

The secrets of success to a great-looking lawn are:

■ Start the spring lawn care with aerating to improve drainage and help reduce waterlogging to make the grass grow better.

■ Correct and regular mowing is one of the most important lawn care jobs. Don’t over-mow. Varying the length slightly throughout the seasons can help maximise your lawn’s health.

Begin the year by cutting the grass to approx 2.5-4cm (1-1.5in) – this allows for the dead grass to be removed and for sunlight to reach the roots more easily. In the summer months raise the blade to 7-10cm (3-4in). Longer grass is healthier grass – it prevents weed seeds from growing by shading them out. You also keep the soil nice and cool, ensuring moisture is trapped and soil microbes are encouraged to bring up nutrients from the soil.

Then lower the blade back for the last cuttings of the year. Never scalp a lawn too short. This will weaken the grass and leave the soil open to moss invasion.

■ Water your lawn to encourage the roots to grow deep into the ground, and the best way to achieve this is to water deep. Try to water heavily, on an infrequent basis. Light sprinklings of water only feed the surface of the soil and the grass, which in turn promotes shallow root growth making them more vulnerable to drought damage. In terms of timing, first thing in the morning is the best time to water your lawn.

■ Next on the priority list is feeding the grass, and feeding the right lawn food at the right time will produce a lawn to boast about.


Thick & Green lawn food – correct balance of nutrients for thicker and greener lawns for months.

A good feed with a lawn fertiliser not only makes the grass greener, but it also makes it grow thicker and increases its strength, vigour and health, so it is more robust and better equipped to compete with weeds, moss and weather-related stresses.

Start feeding in early spring to encourage root growth and/or remove the moss. Summer feeding can include weed control or enhance greening.


Weed Control lawn food – small granules reach the smallest weed leaves

Autumn fertilisers help the lawn recover from the summer wear, and prepare for a potentially harsh winter. Regular feedings throughout the year help maintain a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn is the best defence against garden weeds and moss.


Autumn & Spring lawn food – correct nutrients at the right time of the year, with lawns better equipped to withstand extremes of temperatures

There are numerous types of fertilisers available, with quick or slow-release components.

With quick-release fertilisers nutrients are immediately available and they stimulate quick shoot growth and greening. On the downside, they rapidly deteriorate from the soil; they can cause excessive growth that weakens the health of the grass; they last only a few weeks; and if they are over-applied they can cause burning to the grass.

Slow-release fertilisers provide more uniform grass growth and a more gradual and consistent supply of nutrients that will maintain your lawn’s health throughout the season. On the downside, nutrients are not immediately available.

Fertilisers from EverGreen Premium Plus range consist of both quick and slow release elements for a steady supply of essential nutrients to lawns day after day, for up to 3 months.

■ Lawn weeds or moss are a major headache that can stop you from fully enjoying your lawn. A strong, healthy and well-fed lawn will be able to deal with weeds and moss far better than one that isn’t fed and looked after properly.

web EverGreen Premium No Rake Moss 5kg Bag 119530 C

Naturally occurring bacteria eat the dead moss, so there is no need to rake it out. Organomineral-based slow-release fertiliser for lawns destroys moss with the help of bacteria.

Where weeds and moss are a problem you need to deal with them quickly. Use lawn products containing feeding, weed or moss-control ingredients.

If your lawn begins to suffer from lawn moss, do not try to rake out the moss before it has been killed by a moss killer. This will only spread the spores and make matters worse. In most of the cases you’d need to scarify dead moss when it dies to remove dead grass, thatch and other debris. With EverGreen Premium Plus No Rake you don’t need to rake your lawn as the dead moss is ‘eaten’ by naturally accruing bacteria.

EverGreen Premium Plus Lawn care products

■ You don’t need to put in as much effort as you might think to achieve a great-looking lawn if you use new EverGreen Premium Plus products.

■ All products in the range are devised with a clever formulation of gradual, continuous release of nutrients that feeds your lawn for up to 3 months.

■ Slow-release components steadily feed your lawn with the correct nutrients that your lawn requires and a portion of ‘quick-release’ components in it gives a quick, albeit small lift to the grass so that it benefits immediately from the treatment.


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