Lesley Upton

Amateur Gardening June 9 2018

In Amateur Gardening 9 June 2018 – free seeds worth £2.29, 9 late-flower plants for long-lasting colour, top tips for growing pansies, plus on test: non-plastic eco-friendly plant pots

Plant out dahlias

The dahlia tubers I re-started earlier in the spring have grown well and are now ready to go out into the garden. Late May is the perfect time as the…

Amateur Gardening cover 2 June 2018

What’s in Amateur Gardening 2 June Free seeds worth £2.29   Jobs for this week To lift or not to lift bulbs Ruth explains the pros and cons of lifting…

On Test: Lawn Weed, Feed and Moss Killers

  LAWNS don’t have to be hard work to keep in good shape. Regular cutting plus a combined feed, weed and moss treatment a few times a year from April…

Lawns and chemicals

When we moved to Spring Cottage 12 years ago, the old shed contained a cocktail of chemicals, including DDT – an organochlorine pesticide that was banned in Britain in 1984.…

How to deal with garden pests

1 Box tree caterpillar The grubs cover plants in webbing. Pick them off, use a pheromone trap or nematodes, or try a chemical such as Bug Clear Gun, Defenders Bug…

Amateur Gardening cover May 19

In Amateur Gardening 19 May 2018 free seeds worth £2.29 plus tips and tricks on how to protect your plants from pests organically and non-organically

Amateur Gardening cover May 12 2018

In Amateur Gardening 12 May 2018, free seeds worth £2.45, plus bright and beautiful options for your summer garden

Amateur Gardening 5 May 2018 for web

Amateur Gardening 5 May 2018: Bank Holiday Special with lots of jobs for the long weekend plus free seeds worth £2.45