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Amateur Gardening cover May 19

In Amateur Gardening 19 May 2018 free seeds worth £2.29 plus tips and tricks on how to protect your plants from pests organically and non-organically

Amateur Gardening cover May 12 2018

In Amateur Gardening 12 May 2018, free seeds worth £2.45, plus bright and beautiful options for your summer garden

Amateur Gardening 5 May 2018 for web

Amateur Gardening 5 May 2018: Bank Holiday Special with lots of jobs for the long weekend plus free seeds worth £2.45

Amateur Gardening April 28 2018 for web

In Amateur Gardening 28 April 2018: free seeds worth £2.69 plus, 13 great sunflowers to try, 6 flowers ideal for cutting, time to sow annuals

Amateur Gardening cover April 21 2018 for web

Free seeds worth £2.99 in Amateur Gardening 21 April 2018 plus Spring Cuttings Special, including best techniques for taking softwood and basal cuttings

With soil temperatures warming and windowsills overflowing, many gardeners are desperate to begin sowing directly outside during April. You’d think that making a seedbed would be a simple task, and…

HB9G5H oriental poppy at the garden pond. Image shot 05/2016. Exact date unknown.

© Alamy A pond adds so much to the garden on every level. It need not be massive – if space is tight you can create a patio mini-pond in…

Amateur Gardening April 14 2018 cover for web

Free seeds worth £3.49 in the Garden Pond Special of Amateur Gardening 14 April, with advice on how to dig a pond, the best plants for ponds and plants to

Amateur Gardening 7 Aprl 2018 cover for web

An AG 7 April 2018 we have free seeds worth £2.69, plus roses for a small garden, how aphids are evolving into 'super-aphids' and the latest new products