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Keder greenhouses, designed and built to last:  high specification greenhouses that are safe, strong, and durable and energy efficient.

We are not a polytunnel or glasshouse company, but we are designers and manufactures of the proven next generation of protected growing environments.

Our cladding is made from a layered plastic bubble sandwich material that: gives up to 50% reduction in heating costs.

Our structures diffuse the light so there is no need for shading, the light is scattered evenly which casts no shadows.

Our greenhouses have been proven to withstand wind speeds in excess of 140mph

All Keder greenhouses are built using UK manufactured ZN35 pre galvanis ed (inside and out) structural steel tube.

All our structures can be extended, as your gardening needs grow.

Free delivery of Kits to UK mainland addresses.

Safe, our structures are ideal for use in locations where glass may pose a risk to safety, family gardens, schools, community gardening spaces, etc.

We offer a 10 year guarantee against UV degradation.

Keder greenhouses believe the best quality gives the best value for money in the long term.

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