Pumpkin planters are a fun way to celebrate the season, and they’re quick and easy to make. Use them to dress patios and doorways. Add halloween lanterns and battery-operated fairy lights to the arrangement for extra atmosphere at dusk.

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  • A range of pumpkins large and small (buy from supermarkets, farmers’ markets and PYO farms). Pumpkin planters look great in groups or by themselves.
  • Any plants can be used, as long as they aren’t too big – there isn’t much room in a pumpkin so you’ll probably have to do a fair bit of cramming. We’ve gone for ‘halloween’ colours – red and purple chrysanths and asters, Japanese blood grass, purple and orange pansies, black mondo grass and trailing ivy.


Carefully slice off the top with a kitchen knife and scoop out the flesh inside with an icecream scoop or sturdy spoon. To make the planters last longer, line them with a small piece of plastic (such as from an old compost bag). Pack in the plants, aiming to plant a tall variety in the centre with several smaller ones surrounding. Top up with compost, pushing down to fill any gaps. Water lightly and position in place.

AFTERCARE: Being perishable, your pumpkin planters will only last a couple of weeks at best. Consign them to the compost heap and pot the plants into normal patio containers or the garden borders.