Cut flowering stems from perennials, bulbs, shrubs and even trees to provide lots of colour in the home and a ‘free’ bouquet when brought in from the garden.

Some of you may have created a cut flower patch earlier in the year, but for those of you that haven’t there are many plants in your garden that will offer lovely stems for the vase. Amateur Gardening’s Emilie Griffin shows you how to brighten up your home.

What you’ll need:



Cut stems

Floral tape



Water (not softened)

Step-by-step: How to make a cut flower bouquet

1 Remove all of the lower leaves from each stem to make them much easier to work with. Split your flowers into groups so that you can see what you have to work with. Where possible place each variety in height order – this will help you to decide which variety you start and finish with.

2 Choose three or five of your tallest flowers (mine are sunflowers) and tie them together using floral tape. Wrap the tape around the first stem then join the next   stem, and so on. Make sure the flower heads are evenly spaced and facing outwards.

3 Now add the next type of flower (second in your height line) placing them in between the ‘centre’ flowers. Carry this on until you have used all the different varieties, taping them in as you go. Now tie a piece of ribbon or raffia around the stems to finish the bouquet off. Finally snip the base of the stems so that they are level with each other. Then place in water.