Anemone blanda







Wood anemones and windflowers are the unsung treasures of the spring garden, and the perfect ground cover plants to bring your garden together. Follow our advice on how to grow them…

  • Either plant young flowering anemone plants in the spring, or plant the corms in autumn – soaking them overnight before planting
  • Plant corms about 2in (5cm) deep and if in doubt as to which way up in the soil they should go, lay them on their sides
  • Beware hungry, rummaging squirrels and protect newly planted tubers with chicken wire
  • Give nemorosa types a humus rich soil by mixing your own home compost or well-rotted organic matter into your planting area
  • Water new plants in well but after this they should only need watering in dry spells

    Anemone nemorosa

  • Anemone blanda can be grown in containers no smaller than 10in (25cm) in diameter, in soil-based John Innes compost. Add a handful of granular feed. Place somewhere in part-shade
  • The best way to produce new plants is to simply pull apart established clumps and replant the pieces straight away. Split clumps when they are dormant in late summer to give them the autumn to settle back in


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