Kris Collins makes a brick path on existing concrete

To keep things in place the bricks need to go down on a bed of mortar. This is where the existing concrete actually came in handy as I had no ground work to do, already having a clean level surface to lay my bricks down on.

If I was starting from scratch I would have to dig out the area and fill with a base of compacted hardcore at least 3in (7.5cm)  deep – more if the ground is very soft.

A good mortar mix for laying a path is a 1:5 or 1:6 ratio of cement to builders sand. I went for the easy option of buying pre-mixed bags from B&Q.

When mixing with water, mortar should ‘hang’ on the trowel without being sticky, should spread easily and should not ooze out of the joints when bricks are positioned.

Here’s how to lay bricks over concrete, step-by-step

1. Mix mortar in batches so it does not start to set before you use it all. A good idea is to mix on a piece of board, or in an old bin to reduce the mess. Using a drill paddle makes mixing easier

2. Lay 1in (2.5cm) of mortar over an area of around 4x4ft (1.2×1.2m). Lay your bricks, tapping them down with a rubber mallet. Check the surface with a spirit level

3. Allow the mortar to set over night – if rain looks likely cover with a plastic sheet. The following day add your render, either a wet or dry cement mix or a dry filler of gravel