We show you how to create a stunning Easter hanging basket in this simple step by step guide.

If you are looking to create hanging baskets this Easter weekend – look no further than our simple step-by-step guide from Amateur Gardening magazine.

For this you will need:

– hanging baskets

– liner

– plastic ties

– multipurpose compost

– plants of your choice

How to make your Easter hanging baskets:

Step 1)  First place a liner into the basket and secure with plastic ties if required. Once in, start by covering the base of the liner with multipurpose compost.

easter hanging baskets

Step 1

Step 2) We have selected some sprouting dwarf narcissus, so these will be placed in the centre of the basket. The blooms will be held above surrounding plants.

Easter hanging baskets

Step 2

Step 3) Next to go in are some coloured hybrid primroses. Three, planted equidistant around the narcissus, will look good.

Easter hanging baskets

Step 3

Step 4) A basket always looks more pleasing if there is a trailing element. Variegated trailing ivies look good and will thrive even in cool temperatures.

Easter hanging baskets

Step 4

Step 5) The last plants to go in are several deep blue violas, both as gap fillers in the top, and set at intervals around the sides of the basket.

Easter hanging baskets

Step 5

Step 6) Hang your basket on a strong bracket, securely fixed to the wall or a fence post, as here. Then water your plants in.

Easter hanging baskets

Step 6

Good luck – and we hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.