Growing flowers, fruit and vegetables from seed is easy if you follow a few simple rules. We show you how in this simple guide.


Method 1) How to Sow Seeds in a Small Pot

This method suits medium sized seeds, about the size of a pinhead (0.5-2mm diameter) that are small but fairly easy to handle. We are sowing seeds of Padron peppers, but they could be chillies, cabbage, aubergine, cosmos, calendula and many other species.

Step 1) Fill a small pot loosely, to the brim, with seed & cuttings compost. Gently tap the base of the pot on the bench to settle it.

sow seeds

Step 1) Fill a small pot

Step 2) Take a second, similar-sized pot, and use the base of this to lightly press the surface of the compost and make it flat.

sow seeds

Step 2) Lightly press and make flat

Step 3) Space seeds evenly over the surface – or you could sprinkle them, but try to get them well spaced out across the compost.

sow seeds

Step 3) Space seeds evenly

Step 4) Now cover the seeds with a thin layer of vermiculite. You can use sieved compost, but it may not be sterile, and vermiculite is.

sow seeds

Step 4) Cover with vermiculite

Step 5) Write a label for the pot stating the plant and what variety it is, and the date you sowed it (if nothing appears within 3 weeks, you may have a problem).

sow seeds

Step 5) Write a label

Step 6) Stand the pot on a watering tray and fill the tray with water, so it soaks into the compost. Do NOT water the pot from the top.

sow seeds

Step 6) Fill tray with water

 Step 7) Put the pot in a clear plastic bag, and stand it on a warm, bright windowsill out of direct sunlight. After three days, check daily for signs of growth.

sow seeds

Step 7) Put the pot in a clear pastic bag

Step 8) As soon as a good flush of seedlings appears, remove the plastic bag and let them grow on for a week or two, turning the pot occasionally.

sow seeds

Step 8) Remove the bag

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