Growing flowers, fruit and vegetables from seed is easy if you follow a few simple rules. We show you how in this simple guide.


Method 2) How to Sow Fine Seeds 

Some seeds are so small they look no bigger than dust particles – ones you’re likely to come across include the tobacco plant (nicotiana), the popular hanging basket plant Lobelia, and petunias. They can be tricky to sow and grow, but there are a couple of tricks to help you get good results.

Step 1) Fill a small 3in (7cm) pot loosely with seed & cuttings compost, then tap the base of the pot on the bench to settle it.

sow seeds

Step 1) Fill with compost

Step 2) Take another similar sized pot, and use its base to lightly press the surface of the compost flat.

sow seeds

Step 2) Press the compost flat

 Step 3) Open the sachet of seeds very carefully. I’ve tipped them on my hand to show you how many there are! Just take what you need – a small pinch of seeds.

sow seeds

Step 3) Open seeds carefully

 Step 4) Now take a good pinch of dry horticultural sand, and mix it thoroughly with the seeds in the palm of your hand.

sow seeds

Step 4) Mix the seeds with sand in your hand

Step 5) Sprinkle the sand/seed mixture evenly over the surface of the compost – the sand helps you see the area you’ve covered. Do NOT cover the seeds with compost or vermiculite.

sow sseeds

Step 5) Sprinkle over the compost.

Step 6) Write a label for the pot, including the name of the seeds, variety, and date they were sowed.

sow sesds

Step 6) Write a label for the pot

Step 7) Place the pot on a watering tray and fill it with tap water so the compost soaks up moisture. Do NOT water from above.

sow seeds

Step 7) Place on a watering tray and water

Step 8) Using a hand water mister set on fine, spray the surface of the compost with a solution of Bayer Fruit & Vegetable Disease Control to beat damping-off disease.

sow seeds

Step 8) Use a mister to space the surface

Step 9) Put the pot in a heated propagator, or cover with a clear plastic bag and pop on a bright, warm windowsill. In a few days seeds will germinate like this, and you can take the bag off, or ventilate the propagator.

sow seeds

Step 9) Seeds will germinate

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