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This Asiatic Lily (Lilium asiatica) 'Queen of the Night' is a unique lily with beautiful, almost black flowers, accented by stunning vermilion red stamens! Another advantage of this outstanding lily is its subtle fragrance that wafts through the garden for weeks. The Asiatic lily looks wonderful planted with other colours in your border. They also have a look of elegance in large pots on the patio.

How to plant lilies in a pot

Loosen the soil with a fork before planting. Plant ideally in a corner sheltered from the wind, along the fence or between other plants, shrubs and trees.

The flowers will thrive in sun. Plant in spring or autumn. When there are signs of frosts, protect the bulbs and any shoots that are showing as best you can with a thick mulch of compost or well-rotted manure, so you can enjoy your lilies next season too!

You need a large pot with a hole in the base for drainage. At the bottom, use broken crocks and use good potting compost mixed with sand.

Plant the bulbs point-up and 15-20 cm apart. Fill the rest of the pot with compost so that the bulbs are covered with 10-15 cm of compost.

After planting do not allow your lilies to dry out. During their growth period make sure you water your lilies frequently and generously. To stimulate the development of flower buds and more beautiful flowers, feed with plant food containing potassium during bud forming.

Transplant your lily bulbs every 4 or 5 years. In the new soil, they will find all the nutrients needed to rejuvenate them and they will flower brightly for years on end.

The lovely almost black ‘Queen of the Night’ lily (Lilium asiatica) is an early bloomer in the summer. The flowers are fairly open and face upwards.

This variety is characterised by firm stems which makes them ideal for potting, but also excellent in the borders in a nice sunny spot.

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