Keep bedding and border displays weed free this season with top tips from AG gardening editor Kris Collins

Aim to dig out weeds growing in border soils unless you’re faced with persistent weeds that re-grow from bits of root left in the ground (ground elder, bindweed and couch grass spring to mind) .

Digging is eco-friendly, cheaper, and it removes the risk of damaging other plants with accidental spray drift. I tried for two years to rid a garden of couch grass this way, but it kept returning. The only way to control it was by spraying (inset).

Heavy clay soils also make it difficult to dig out weeds without leaving roots in the ground, and again, sprays may be needed for total control. But if soils are easily workable it should be possible to lift even the longest tap roots of dandelion from the soil with a bit of careful digging.

If planting a new border this season consider laying down a weed control fabric, but as the pic above shows, weeds can still grow through!