Try adding a bit of magic to the bottom of your garden, says Katherine Miller. A little fairy door has transformed our tree into a favourite attraction for the kids.

Tiny people are living in the tree at the bottom of our garden – according to my 3-year-old son – and it’s entirely my fault. A fairy door has appeared!

I’ve made a small door out of an old fence panel, drawn on some hinges, attached a button as a door knob, stained it and glued it to our tree. It’s all because I wanted to transform a shady area in the garden into a rockery and I thought the kids would get involved if I injected a little bit of magic.

Well it worked… I supplied a bag of cobbles and some smooth pebbles, and the children started making a path.

The tiny garden began to take shape as the kids brought their own treasures including sticks and shells. I introduced some alpine plants including: saxifrage, armeria and erysimum. While my 6-year-old was absorbed with planting, my 3-year-old rushed inside and emerged moments later with his pockets full of little plastic people and he danced each one up the path and knocked on the door.

There have been games in the tiny garden ever since and it has become a favourite attraction outside.

This idea would work on a fence or even a wall and having seen the magical
effect it has had on my kids, I think every tree should have a little door…

How to make a pixie / fairy door


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