A bird food feast of seed and lard is a welcome treat for garden birds, and don’t forget, watching from the warmth of indoors makes a great activity for the kids on a chilly day.

Try Katherine Miller’s fun project to keep kids occupied…

You’ll need:

  • 250g block of vegetable lard
  • 400g wild bird seed
  • Approx. 6 pine cones
  • Garden wire
  • String
  • Garden berries


How to make a bird food feast

  • Twist garden wire around the tops of each cone to make a loop. This is handy for children to hold on to, and is easy to thread string through
  • Use lard at room temperature as it will be much easier to mix
  • Spoons and lolly sticks are good tools for pushing the mixture into the cone
  • We decorated our bird feast with cotoneaster berries and then hung it on a tree that was clearly visible from indoors