Kids of all ages will enjoy making this simple bird scarer from a wire coat hanger decorated with junk from around the house.

My youngest son (aged three) helped his brother (aged six) to stuff and dress the scarecrow, but he was better suited to making a simple bird scaring mobile from a coat hanger. This resulted in a charming, random creation and he became fascinated with running around the garden trailing it behind him to scare away the pigeons. It was satisfying to know that all those pointless lengths of ribbon that I had been saving for years had finally found their destiny.

We used plastic milk tops strung together with wool and added painted CDs, tinsel and foil to catch the light. We wound coloured pipe cleaners around the hanger then tied ribbons and pompoms to fly in the wind, creating movement to keep the birds away from our vegetable patch.

To see how we made our scarecrow click here

Scarecrow ©Kamiller