How to make an Easter basket filled with lovely herbs and flowers.

Katherine Miller shows you how to make an Easter basket for less than £5.

The holidays are under way and we have made Easter baskets for both Grandmas, starting with a trip to the garden centre to choose plants. My 5-year-old son was fascinated with the fragrance of herbs, and he came up with the idea of having a practical rather than a pretty basket.

He had a lot of fun rubbing and smelling the herbs, finally choosing his favourites: lemon thyme, oregano and curled parsley. Then we selected some safe and seasonal flowers: primroses, pansies and violas. The kids were so pleased with the finished baskets and loved presenting them to each Grandma.

How to make an easter basket - a great project for kids

Easter presents

Re-use a pot! Find one in a charity shop, or at this time of year you can buy Easter baskets very cheaply on the high street. If it’s not already lined with plastic, make this your first job. To make two affordable presents I bought a tray of six seasonal bedding plants and four potted herbs, which we split between two baskets.

You’ll need some shingle at the bottom for drainage and some potting compost to bed the plants in. Get the kids to water the plants first, share them out and let them loose. With a little bit of guidance, they can’t go wrong!