These seed cards make a great Valentine gift, but you could create them for any occasion, says Katherine Miller

We’ve made Valentine cards with ‘plant me’ hearts stuck to the front containing Nigella seeds (commonly known as love-in-a-mist).


How to make Valentine's Day seed cards - a great project for children

• First cut out heart shapes from crepe paper, we used a cookie cutter as a template.

• Make a glue paste (from flour and water) and use it to stick a sprinkling of seeds to one paper heart before covering it over with another. My 3-year-old thought this was like a ‘seed sandwich’.

• When dry, attach it to the centre of a blank card with a dot of paste and add a Valentine message.

You could use all sorts of seeds, with any greeting, and It’s a good idea to tell the recipient that the crepe paper shape can simply be removed and planted into a pot.